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Courtney Cola
What are possible causes for frequent nosebleeds? (up to 4 times a day)?
It's EXTREMELY rare that I get a nose bleed, but on saturday night I got a pretty nasty one. Then the next day I got 4 of them. What could cause this? I got drunk a few times over the weekend, was staying the night at my bf's house (my mom said the house could be the cause because it's not clean enough), and the weather changed from being sunny to rainy. Could it be any of those reasons? And if so why so many nose bleeds?

Your brain is not right. The Rat's implant is messing up and their losing control!!! DOWN WITH THE RATS!!! MJM

OHOH~~ i know!!
1. too much chocolate
2. you worry too much about something
3. its too hot in ur house??

You could have ulcers in your nasal cavity. Better ask a doctor mf

Allergies is the most likely cause. Being in a different place, the weather changing, allergies would cause inflammation of the turbinates in the nostrils leading to nose bleeds. If it continues though you should see your doctor, because that could indicate a more serious condition.


Bleeding from the nose can happen to people of all ages. Most nose bleeds start on their own for no reason. But sometimes the nose bleed starts after an injury to the nose, or an infection of the nose and sinuses. High Blood pressure, or some blood disorders, can also cause nose bleeds.

A mild nose bleed usually happens because a small blood vessel on the nasal septum near the front of the nose breaks. The nasal septum is the thin wall which separates one nostril from the other. This bleeding can usually e stopped ;by first blowing the nose to clear any clots, then by pressing directly on the bleeding area. This is done by squeezing the nose firmly between the finger and thumb. The person should keep their head up. Do not let go to check if the bleeding has stopped for 20 minutes. This simple method usually allows a blood clot to form and seal the blood vessel which is bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, the person should not blow their nose, and should keep their head up. Do not do any hard physical activity and do not have any very hot food or drink for the next 24 hours. The nose bleed may start again in the next 24 hours and it can be stopped in the same way as before.

If the bleeding continues, or if the bleeding happens from the back of the nose and comes through the mouth, you should get medical help. These problems usually happen at night, you may want to go to the nearest emergency room.

Nose bleeds are common, and most of the time they are not serious problems. Sometimes, they can be a symptom of another illness, such as a bleeding disorder, high blood pressure, or a tumour in the nose or sinuses.

In children mild nose bleeds can happen for many reasons. Children may get a nose bleed when have a cold, or from dry air in the house during the winter. Children can also get a nose bleed from picking or scratching the nose. A child who has continuous problems with nose bleeds should see a doctor. Adults who have severe nose bleeds which cannot be stopped in the Emergency Department, should contact a specialist to look for the cause of the nose bleeds and to control the bleeding vessel.

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