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 Ear pierced, now swollen??
I got my ear pierced 4 days ago, and now one of them is swollen and red. My other ear is fine, but my left ear is red, swollen, and it feels warm. What should I do to fix it??...

 Spider bite, who's the culprit?
I live in New York, and a spider bite me a few times but I didn't see it. Maybe a wolf spider? They are everywhere. This is a picture of the bite


 Why does putting your head between your legs help with nausea?
My friend took me running and put me on his back - and I felt dizzy and really sick afterwards, so he told me to put my head between my legs. I had heard it before, but why does it help?...

 I read that to maintain health that it was recommended that we eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.?
How many do yous guys average in a day. I only have about 1....

 Is Hydrogen Peroxide good or bad for a cut?

 DIAGNOSED WITH IBS,GERD,DIVERTICULITIS: I read this ad and want to help...could someone advise?
I found the following post on a different website and want to help. I am not sure what IBS, Gerd, or the other is, but maybe someone can advise this person?

 Why do people say that being paramedic is a HUGE competition ?
I have asked a question a little while ago, asking how to become a paramedic. I had a couple of people respond, and they all said that you should be EMT and get paid nothing, and than you can apply ...

 What does Vaseline do for cuts, scrapes, etc.?
I had a skin biopsy done a few weeks ago and my doctor told me to change the band aid on the wound every day and clean with hydrogen peroxide and vaseline. What is the vaseline really doing? I know ...

 When something goes into your eye, what do you do?
what is the best way to deal with it without hurting the eye?...

 Can I put Vaseline on an open cut on my foot?
There's a cut on the bottom of my foot, my big toe, actually, and it was most likely from it being dry. I pushed it closed, it's not bleeding or anything, and when it does bleed, it's ...

 How long befor Depo Provera wears off?

 hamster bite, please help?
one of my syrain hamsters is a bit timid and i've just been bitten by it. can someone tell me if a hamster bite is serious, and can it be infected?
i've washed it with soap and water ...

 skinned knee...?
Alright, I fell a week ago and skinned my knee pretty bad. I have had it bandaged up since then. Of course, changing the bandaid and cleaning it every day, but it does not seem to be healing. My ...

 how do i unplug my ears?
When my 7 year old daughter flies, her ears get plugged up during the landing. Any suggestions?...

 What's a quick way to make a burn stop burning ?
Almost an hour ago, I went to unscrew a light bulb but I forgot to let it cool off first... Owwww.
Well I've been holding ice over my thumb and now I'm just holding it in cold water. <...

 I'm having sleeping problems. I get so tired after work at 4/5pm & can't fall asleep until 1/2am. Whats wrong?

 my finger around my nail is all swollen and pussing out from under the nail what should i do?

 Ear infection??/???????///??????
I have an ear infecion and my ear's feel all cloged up. It's come after i've had a cold. I keep hearing high pitched noises in my right ear and I don't seem to be hearing much. It&...

 my 3 and a 12 yr old son complains about a sore stomach for the last few weeks. and it seems to be off and on

 What is the best way to let a ear piercing heal?
Mines been pierced for 2 weeks now and I've been using Erythromycin. The problem is, its been bleeding a little bit each time I rub the ointment on it but my lobe isn't swollen nor is it ...

Should I leave my scab alone?
My scab came off partially while I was swimming, and I noticed that there was a small area of skin underneath that was not yet fully healed, and there appeared to be some blood that hadn't yet dried underneath the scab.

So I quickly drove home, and now I'm guessing the blood dried up or something and the scab is no longer flailing off but attached to the skin. I don't know if I should pick it off since it already came off earlier, or should I leave it be and maybe it'll heal faster that way?


run it under your shower head . i always try to get them off fast before they rip off or something happens to make them bleed

the skin does a pretty good job all on it's own to heal, leave it alone;; too much "taking care of it" leads to infections;; let it go, ignore it;; in a week, you'll forget it was ever there...

Just leave it on, you don't want to expose skin that isn't healed all the way. Plus you might get a scar if you rip off a portion that snit ready to some off.

pyro maniac

Dr Jennifer
Leave the scab alone.

The body naturally heals itself by clotting blood and forming scabs whilst it repairs the tissue damage and forms new skin. If you pull the scab off, it will form scar tissue and/or scab again. Pulling the scab will also leave the cut/wound open and at greater risk to infection.

Many things when you soak them they weaken and that is what has happened to your scab. Do not worry. As the skin and scab dried out it toughened up again and is continuing to heal.

There is no reason to stop swimming as a healthy lifestyle will boost your body's circulation and immune system which means faster healing and less risk of infection.

When the skin has healed the scab will naturally and gradually fall off itself.

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