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 Help! Picked blood blister won't stop bleeding?
I got a blood blister on my stomach (no idea how) and I got impatient because it wasn't going away after a couple of months and stupidly picked at it.
Well it started bleeding, not really ...

 How to pop a blister under my armpit?.?
Ok so the other day i had a rash under my armpit from my bra that i was wearing,the next day when i was going to go out I tryed this new deodorant that i had bought..at the end of the night When i ...

 Why is the thumb not considered a finger?

 ive got stitches on my right hand. wat can i do so dat dey join soon.?

 What helps take away the redness/swelling/appearance of a bug bite?

 what is the easiest way to make our mindset positive?

 How best to remove diet coke from ones eye?
I was going to do that coke and mento's thing in mi eye to see if I cod get x-ray vission, but after I poured it in my I, it hurt too bad to add mentos. I tried driving to the hospital, but I ...

 I have been recently been bitten by a spider?
They look like pimples but they're not. I think they're spider bites. I have been recently been getting caught in 1 stranded spider webs and I thinks that's where is came from. It ...

 Insect bite that won't stop oozing clear fluid?
I got what I assume was a mosquito bite on my ankle a few days back. This morning when I was putting some anti-itch cream on it I noticed it had separated into multiple little bumps, and then this ...

 Is there something you can do to get something that's stuck all the way down your ear?
I have something in my ear thats really far back and i've been trying to get it out but it's not coming. i feel like it's close to being in my head! & i'm really sacred! Is it ...

 i bite my tongue and it was bleeding with a cut then a big lump under it has turn black and it is red will it?

 does neosporin work and make cuts go away?

 If you thought you were using toner, but it stung ....?
and then you discovered it was actually nail varnish remover, what would be your reaction?
Additional Details

toner as in skin ...

 should my stretched ear scab?
i've had my ear stretched from 2mm to 4mm, and i've noticed my ear scabs every morning. it's not a serious scab it's just a little bit at the back. i've been cleaning it ...

 What are things you can do to help a REALLY REALLY bad sunburn?
Please help me!
Additional Details
My sunburn is like sun poisoning bad....

 Which is better for cleaning cuts, Rubbing alcohol or peroxide?
Whenever I get a cut and decide it's bad enough to clean, I always use rubbing alcohol. But if it's more serious of a cut, which is better to use, rubbing alcohol or peroxide?...

 Is dong the Heimlich maneuver on yourself as effective as someone else doing it to you?
If you do the self heimlich maneuver with a chair or something, is it really just as effective as if someone else performed the heimlich maneuver on you?

Also, the version that you do with ...

 How to cure tongue burns faster?
I have a tissue burn at what is essentially the very front of my tongue. I also, however have Tourette's Syndrome, which is basically causing me to lick the wound constantly even though my body ...

 Do Snake Bite Peircings Hurt?
I want to convince my mom to let me get Snake Bites, and before I do so, I wanted to know if they hurt really badly? :L...

 How to take medical tape off skin?
Hi, today I got blood taken and then the nurse put a piece of cotton on my arm and then taped it down with a really strong medical tape. I can't rip it off because I tried that and I can't ...

Should I burst a BURN blister?
This morning I was straightening my hair with a flat iron and I stepped on the cord, the iron slipped and I grabbed it between my ring finger and thumb. I got a tiny blister about 1cm by 1/3 cm. Shout I bust it or let it be? Also, my thumb is burnt but doesn't have a blister, what should I do? Nothing? Put antibiotic ointment on it?

YES because the puss will stay in the blister and you will get infections. Pop it with a pen it will go down and it will go down.

I'm a Certified Holistic Healer so i know how to treat stuff like that :-)

Mandi Lolier
no don't hoe!
help me?

Gangster B
they have a fluid in them that helps the healing process. it may bother you but do not pop it. if it does pop i suggest to get some polysphorin on it quick and on it if it doesnt pop either way get some antibiotic cream or medicatioon.
you can just leave it and let it get better but if it pops get anitbiotic ointment.
Good Luck And Get Better

don't burst it. that hurts like a ***** afterwords and is open for infection. just let it be, put ice on it if it hurts. for the other burn on the thumb you can put aloe vera on it.

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