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 Blisters from EVERY shoes I wear!?
No matter what kind of shoes I wear (style, slight changes in size, etc), I get blisters on my heels, toes, and sides of feet, from rubbing I assume. I'm sick of limping when I walk! What's ...

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 Ear piercing infection! help!?
It's been like 6 months i got my ears pierced and my left ear has been infected several times the first month. These days i've been wearing fake earrings and i touched my ear alot ...

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 Do u think Technology is making us lazy ???
i m saying that erlier we used to go out
and play out door games but now
play online games or chat with other people.

most of the times searching the net for various
kinds ...

 my head hurts really bad and i need headacke relief but i have no medecine help!!!!!!!!!?

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 How many of you know your Blood Type (O,A,B or AB)? Please say what it is, if you do...?
What do you know about the history of the different Blood Types?
Which foods are best for each Type?
Additional Details
Well mine is O+ as well, but you guys will have to do a ...

 what are the safe steps in doing my own ear piercing?
how should i treat it?
what may happen?
please tell me all you know!!!!
Additional Details

 I stuck a dime in my ear. now it wont come out. is that bad? and its starting to bleed.?
i stuck it in my ear as a joke, and now its stuck and theres blood dripping out of it....

i'm having migrains, any good tips on how to stop them. it hurts like ...

 Ear piercing bleeding 6 month old?
my daughter just got her ears pierced 10 days ago she is 6. Months old and the left side starting bleeding should I take it out or wait until tomorrow to see if it stopped I clean them three times ...

 Whats best treatment for a burn?
droped the poker on my leg as i was kneeling down. its right over the knee cap so it keeps opening up when i walk.
it doesnt seem too infected, just a bit yellow. im tryng to keep it dry and rub ...

 PLEASE HELP whats wrong with my butt? :(?
im very upset and embarrassed about this. I went to the bathroom yesterday morning and it was a huge poo and it hurt coming out and im not sure why, the poo was very big and long. ever since then, i ...

 How does the human mind know to keep breathing when we are sleep?

Scalded my foot with hot porridge... don't laugh?
The wound has been a bit weepy and due to the nature of my work, I have to wear shoes, so haven't been able to leave it open to the air. It is really itchy tonight. Is it just healing or should I go to the doc?
Additional Details
Oh no - it is red round about it. I have to wear a non sticky dressing otherwise it sticks to the gunk on the wound.

die Bombe
i spilled boiling soup in my wrist once

go to the doc

Michael Schumacher fan 1956
i am not laughing you poor soul go back and ask your doctor you would like to see a nurse

*lil M*
you burnt your foot on.....porridge? who east porridge or is this the same thing as soup?

How long ago did you do this? If this just happened go to the doctor. If it was a couple of days ago its just healing. I did the same thing to the top of my hand. Neosporin with pain reliever but don't glob let it dry or wrap it with a non-stick pad.
Aloe!!!! My best Friend and absorbs quickly so you can keep putting it on. Rule of thumb if anything I mean anything turns green or yellow and possibly feels warmer then the rest of your skin to the touch there is most likely infection. Air it out when you can. Good luck

Go get it dressed.

Sounds as if you're just as clumsy as me! I have to agree with the others, could be infected if it's gone red and itchy, best to get the nurse to look at it.

Janet W
go to see the nurse or doctor. if it is red round it it sounds like it is infected which can be very dangerous! better to be safe than sorry!

I'm oats so sorry to hear about your foot ha ha no only joking you must go and see the doctor, you might need antibiotics for it. don't leave it any longer.

itching is good. You know your stuff, so do try to keep it in the open air as much as possible. Dont put plasters on it but try to lightly wrap your foot with a clean airy bandage. Try to keep your weight off it.

Rub something like germaline or similar antiseptic to keep infection away, do this as often as you can.

When a blister forms dont pop it!

If it starts getting very painful, red on the wound and around the wound, oozing pus, go to the docs as that's infected.

PS lol

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