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 Yo yo help help ?
Every mornign for about 2 years now my lips are stuck together. I use a wet washcloth and then put vaseline on, and it feels better... But its really annoying every mornign and uncomfortable.. Anyone ...

 Welts after jellyfish sting?
I got stung by a jellyfish a few days ago on my elbow. Now, I've got these HUGE welts where it stung me that really itch and sometimes burn and hurt.

Is there any way to make them go ...

 How do I get dermabond out of my hair?
I had a cut on my head (right in my part) sealed with dermabond about 2 weeks ago. The ER doc just slopped it on, so he covered the wound, but also got glue all around it so its about a quarter size ...

 ok ive been having nausea and a rash broke out and i don't know whats wrong can you tell me if im ill?
please help!!!!!
Additional Details
it turns out the rash was from fleas i picked up from my ...

 somthing stung my foot this morning...and its a little swollen and itchy?
somthing stung me..it looked like a waspers sting..it was red with white around it..and i have been stung by a wasp before so i know thats what it looked like. but this time..my foot is a little ...

 How sick am I?.. Well I am sick, right?
Ok. Yesterday, I had a normal school day, and only ate a piece of bread my foods class made and the usual turkey tom sandwich from jimmy johns. I felt fine. I went to a all you can eat restaraunt ...

 TRICHLOROETHYLENE contact to skin?
One operator have just contacted with TRICHLOROETHYLENE vapor, he feel ache, but visual inspect don't see anything. Please advice me how to solve this problem, what dangerous he could get, what ...

 what do chigger bites look like?
i think i got bit by chiggers. are they contagious? and how do i get rid of them?...

 How do I get rid of my blood blister!?!?!?
Please! how do i get rid of a blood blister on the bottom of my foot!...

 strange bug bite....?
ok so i have two bug bites on the back of my leg and its turning blackish purple.... is that normal(ive had this for several days.... and just thought it was an ant bite but now im not sure...) im ...

 Burned Finger i am a Cajun making pecan candy and the hot cady got on my hand and it really hurts a swelling?
its swollen and red and i only get releif under cool steaming water, help ...

 I have this like solid ball in my ear???? HELP???!!!?
so it REALLy urts specially when i touch it tho. It right under the big opening in your ear it's right on the skin part and it really hurts. my mom said it might just be scarred tissue but idk.<...

 My scab is falling off but it is really pink underneath is that ok?
I did it slidding in softball. It has taken two weeks to heal. It goes from my knee to about haf way down my leg. Most of the scab has falling off but still some left. But everywhere the scab has ...

 is this a cyst or a bug/spider bite?
I got bit by something on my lower left arm on the top midway between my elbow and wrist. Its about the size of a pea. There is like a knot under the skin its been about 5 days it does not itch or ...

 Have you ever gotten so drunk?
Have you ever gotten so drunk you started to spontaneously bleed from your nose?...

 Im taking augmentin (antibiotic) for an ear infection.. would it be bad to take 1mg of xanax along it?
is it bad to mix xanax and augmentin (antibiotic) for ear infection?...

 Spider bite?
My sister has been bitten by something on her backside. Her face is swollen and is numb. She also has bumps on her hands which are very itchy.

Any ideas?...

 Sun Burn SCAB on my FACE - Helppppp!!!!!?
Was surfing two days ago and got only my face burnt BADLY. 48 hours later, as of right now, my cheeks and nose are completely scabbed and hardened with a blochy scab, and my whole face is peeling!!<...

 Help...earring stuck IN ear !?
I just noticed that somehow the back of earring is stuck in my ear. I tried to pull it out with tweezers but it seems to have lodged itself so a bigger part of the back is jammed inside. So i cant ...

 My face got sunburned.Burn is gone, but it's blistered and feels like a scab.How can I make it go away faster
It's painful and rough, It got better after showering, but its back to its roughness again. How do I get it to go away? I've been dabbing it with a cold paper towel, and while it's ...

Eat F
Scalded/burnt my hand?
I was pulling a cup of soup from the microwave and the cup popped. The soup had been in for about 6 minutes and boiling for four (I assume it boils at a higher temp than water). It got all over my left hand and scalded burnt me. Luckily, I was next to the tap and immediately ran it under cold water. It's about 10 minutes later and I have had my hand submerged in a pot of cold water ever since. There is a lot of redness but no blisters yet. It was really painfull but I took an Aspirin and an Ibuprofin and the pain went away. The cold water is helping too.

What should I do now and for the next day or two to minimize damage and blisters? thanks
Additional Details
I have both a Aloe Vera sun burn lotion as well as a 1% silver sulfadiazine lotion ... should I use either one?

Nerve and back pain no more!!!
You might wanna take RealHeal. It supports to relieve pain and promote healing. Go to the site below. Type RealHeal in the search box, select "Health" in the scroll-down menu, then click search. That should give you the page where RealHeal is. Trust me, it works. This is where I get all my remedies for my post back surgery pain. Best wishes!

Aloe vera is good for that kind of burn. Try to keep your hand cool to minimize the burn. Just a thought, maybe you shouldn't leave your soup in the microwave so long.

keep it clean. that's about all you need to do. if it hasn't blistered yet it's not going to. some skin might slough off but it doesn't sound like it went beyond a 1st degree burn.

The skin will continue to burn for a long time. You need to keep ice or cool water on it for the next while to ensure that the skin stops burning. You can also use aloe vera on it to help promote healing. Do not use anything that is oil based product this will seal the burn and can actually cause the heat trapped in the skin to burn hotter creating a worse burn then it originally was.

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