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as for sun stroke, will you suffer from stroke if exposed too much in the sun....

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 tick bites?
my daughter had the tinyest tick i have ever seen on the back of her leg. at first i thought she had been stung by something and she was in pain with it-she wouldn't let me touch it she said it ...

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y husband gets these noises but I do not.Anyone any answers as to why this should be. No jokers please....

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 Mosquito bite infection?
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 OMG ear piercing question - please help?
Ok, so I peirced my own ears (I already know I shouldn't have). Its just that I'm 13 and I wasn't allowed so I did it myself. The harms already done - so don't scold me on it. W...

 What should I do?
I have tendinitis in my right wrist. A week ago my doctor gave me a splint to wear to stableize my wrist. But, the tendinitis is also in my thumb and this splint has not helped. I go and see an ...

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 Strange Bug Bite Help?
About a two weeks ago I went on a four-wheeling trips with a few of my buddys and when I got home I noticed I had about thirty bug bits on my legs.

Im not really sure if they're ...

My sister has a cooking - grease burn on her arm. How can we treat it?
She used peroxide on it, and now it's scabbing over. She had been putting aloe vera gel on it. It's gotten a bit pink & swollen, so that's when she used the peroxide, and now we don't know what we can do to 1) make it feel better (besides aloe) and 2) make it heal faster. She's afraid it shouldn't have scabbed over. Is that a bad thing? What do you suggest?

Baby Poots
Apparently, your sister did not consider the burn to be serious as she treated it herself. First degree burns are similar to a sunburn, treated by using a first-aid spray, lotion, or ice. Second-degree burns attack the first layer of the skin and affect the second layer, often requiring a physician's expertise. Third-degree burns always demand licensed medical attention.

If your sister is really concerned about her condition, I suggest she consult a physician instead of Yahoo.Answers!

Preperation H Oitment

1) Dont use ANY more peroxide, as it not only kills bacteria but new skin/tissue cells as well.

2)Put ICE on it. Leave it on for 20 mins, remove for 20 minutes, repeat as needed.

3)Since it has scabed over, put some Neosporin or it's equivalent on and cover with guaze bandage while doing the ice.

well i can tell u from my experience with a grease when i burned my foot i blistered over and swole up and then i pulled the skin off and exposed it to infection. You dont want that so go and see a burn specialist and they'll tell you what to do for it

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