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 I just accidentally a Coca Cola bottle....?
Can anyone advise me what to do? Should I be worried?...

 Spider bite...on leg?
My mom calls me a hypochondriac... but. Anyways, I just got bit by a spider...on my leg. It looks like a mosquito bite and itches...but it's turning red (I'm not itching it). I don't ...

 A bee sting... itches? Why?
Yesterday I got stung three times.On the back of my head, and two on my arm.Two out of three are not hurting.They did at first.But the one 2, 3 inches under my wrist is swollen, red, but itches.I don&...

 suggestions for sunburn reliefe?
yes I know I need to wear sunscreen!!! Im of scottish decent and forgot to wear sunscreen all day today at the beach my upper back, chest, arms and face are burnt and hot to the touch Im light headed ...

 Emergency room ???????????
Name a good reason to go to the ER room,Even personal experiences....

 The inside of my left ear really hurts when I yawn. Why?
Yesterday I was using eardrops to break up the wax in my ears and i think i might of put to much in my left ear because i think there is still some fluid in there, and my ears were blocked for a ...

 How do you get water out of your ear after swimming?
I went swimming last night at a birthday party. I got water in my ear. I tried getting it out by hitting that ear, hitting the other ear, jumping up and down, jumping up and down on one foot, ...

 Have you ever been stung by a scorpion?
I had a close encounter with one of the small flesh-colored ones (about two inches long) that stung me on the heel of my left foot last night. At first I thought I'd stepped on a thumbtack, but ...

 my 4 yr old son got stung?
My 4 yr old son just got stung by a bee...not sure which kind..i put ice on it, he would only do it for 5 minutes and i put a bandaid with neosporin on it..he seems fine, just holding the bandaid. ...

 What would happen if you stuck your hand in dry ice?
I'm just curious....

 Can a mosquito still bite you through your clothes?
Just wondering. I was wearing clothes that covered my arms and legs and I still got mosquito bites there! How is that possible?...

 What are some quick effective home remedies for flea bites?
I have heaps of flea bites and they can itch at times. I need an effective home remedy for at least easing the pain and itchiness....

 how far should i stick a q-tip in my ear?

 I just cut my armpit really badly, what should i do?
its bleeding so bad that i have to set a bucket under my arm to catch the blood, i tired using paper towels but it just got really really messy. I cut it with a steak knife on accident if that helps. ...

 can you name the burn cream for me?
i think it might be called aqua flex but its in a red box , its for burns can anyone help?...

 my cousin ate bleeding hearts he ate ten tops what will happen and what do i do?

 can dettol mix with water?

 Help! I dyed my hair yesterday and now it itches SEVERELY bad! How to i get it to stop?!?

 stung by a jellyfish?

 I think I have a spider bite ~ what do I do??
The other night, I spent a few hours outside. When I woke up the next day, I had a small, puffy red welt on the middle of my front left calf. It is also itchy.

I looked closely, but don�...

Does anyone have any good cures for mossie bites? And any good tips for keeping them away?

Where do you come from?If it's Africa , then i'll give you this.....since it's getting cold this season,try wearing long trousers and cotton socks for leg bites and a hood-sweater for your upper body.That way you'll look simple and protected from mosquitoes!!Easy tip ha!!I think u'll look mwaa in that outfit....but make sure you don't mix colours darling or the mosquitoes will really run to you like hot cake!!!Hah!Just kiddin'......but consider it!!

for bites just use rubbing alcohol. wipe on the bites and it stops the itching. it also keeps mosquitos from biting again if you rub any exposed areas,if that is not an option then skin so soft works really well to repel them

anything with DEET in it will keep them away, just look in the ingredients

and sadly, there is no cure, but ice helps the itching

for a short time protectioni put water on d parts that are exposed..
mosquitos wont bite...

Nets to keep them out when you are indoors. Lemon grass oil or similar oils for keeping them off your skin outdoors. Herbal mosquito repellent coils are available as also those conaining Allethrin but I am assuming you don't want that solution.

Tea tree oil is great; the smell is a bit strong, but the benefits outweigh the smell...if you have already been bitten, it is a natural antiseptic, and it also dissuades the hungry mosquito from dining on you. Citronella is also a great air-based deterrent if you burn the candles OUTDOORS. 2 proven home remedies are a Fabric dryer softener sheet rubbed on you prior to exposure, and Avon's Skin So Soft lotion runs them too. Also, a green tea bag is great to place in fridge after you have your tea; apply the tea bag as a cold compress to the bites.

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