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 how to get rid of ant bite pain?
a red ant bit my toe! it hurts so so bad how can i get rid of this pain asap?...

 EMT(Parademic Course) Costs $11,000 CAD for 10 Months. Is this a regular price?

 How to Help Poison Ivy?
have it really bad. plz ...

 will i get a scar?
yesterday i burned myself on the face with a steam cleaner (i dont know how it happened, it just did) and today there is a pink circle. there used to be a water blister but i popped it. will i get a ...

 why would i keep on getting canker sores in my mouth? seriously.?
its a recurring and uncomfortable problem....

 omg! i have scraped knee ? ?
ok, so i fell on the sidewalk and it made a big open scrape on my knee. i only have one week left until school, what is the fastest way of healing a open scrape ? what do i put on it ? i already ...

 The stupid weather has caused my lips to become dry and itchy!?
What the heck should i put on them? Carmax seems to make it worse!!!...

 help. cut first aid.?
I cut myself last night. The two and a half inches where my hand meets my wrist is covered in slices.
Its not bad enough to need stitches, but it hurts like hell. Am i better off leaving it in ...

 I havn't been hungry in a week or two...i eat hardly anything at all. what's wrong?
For example...some days i went w/o anything...others i might have ate a apple
Additional Details
Oh and my weight is the least of my worries. i weigh 120. that's a great weight for ...

do u think i have a first ,, or second degree burn??

its from the very top of the oven

its all red around it and theres a white round part,, like a blister and it might be but ...

 I often feel nauseous during the day for no reason at all. What could be the problem?
Often, during the day, I'll feel like I want to throw up. My eyes water and I get a "gagging" feeling as if I'm about to vomit, though I've never physically vomited before ...

 how to tell a fake CPR/first aid certificate?
A student teacher at my daughters high school was telling everyone how he went on line to get another certificate because he was not able to go home (4 hours away) to get the real card. Is this ...

 What will happen if i don't get my splinter out of my finger?
I have a small splinter in my thumb from a piece of wood. It doesn't hurt too bad but it's pretty deep and it's bothering me b/c it won't come out.Will it get infected?...

 I have a huge mosquito bite...?
I tend to get VERY swollen when I am bitten by these little critters, and i'm kind of used to it by now (thirty bites this whole summer) but just recently I got bitten on my ankle and it ...

 Has anyone noticed any benifits to their health from eating organic food?

 Half of my big toe (on the right foot) is numb. Should I get it checked out?
Especially right down in the corner where the side of the nail meets the skin. The left side of the toe has been numb for a long time, now. I'm sure it's been weeks at this point. Perhaps ...

 Sliced my big toe open, help?
Yesterday I stepped on a (steralized) cookie cutter that got knocked over face up and sliced my big toe. I had a piece of skin that wasn't all the way off that I ended up cutting off with ...

 what causes the sound when we crack our knuckles?

 I accidently ate paper?
Lol i found out that i ate a thin piece of paper that was used for my sliced cheese so that it didnt stick to other sliced cheese. Now i feel like theres a piece of paper stuck in my throat.. how can ...

 Why do I get anxiety and paranoia the day after I've been drinking?
Whenever I get really wasted on liquor, the next day I get anxiety and really bad paranoia. Paranoia to the point where I cant even go into a supermarket without getting cold sweats. I avoid being ...

I think I have frost bite, what should I do?
I had swelling on my knee this morning and so I put an ice pack on it on the way to work. When I got to work my knee was bright red and stinging and is more swollen than before. It been about 3 hours since I've had the ice pack off and it is still red, stinging and swollen. I'm not quite sure what I can do? Can anyone help?
Additional Details
I put on one of those ice packs with the blue stuff in it directly on my knee. It was directly on my knee for about 30-40 minutes. When I took it off my knee my knee was numb (not from being cold), bright red, sorta itchy and it continues to get more swollen than I've ever seen it. Right now the skin where the redness is, is very hot. What should I do?

swept away in hopes
its not frost bite. Frost bite actually turns your skin shades of black and purple. The itching and redness and stinging is from the ice pack. Never put an ice pack directly on your skin and do not leave it there as long as what you did I think you said 30 minutes. Put it on for 10 minutes but wrap the ice pack in a clean dish towel or some other towel . As far as swelling goes, did you fall or bang your knee? You may also have fluid which is common in your knee. See what the doc says but definate not frostbite.

Frostbite on your KNEE? Unlikely. Frostbite typically occurs first on fingertips, toes, nose and ears. Swelling is not typical of frostbite. Icepacks are contraindicated, application of heat is the usual treatment. The best thing to do is see a doctor immediately and get an expert opinion.

go to dr

it's not frost bite, the stinging is the blood trying to circulate to the area because you put ice on it and made it cold, did you hurt your knee? the swelling is due to the injury or maybe you have arthritis

Since being in the military, and being up in northen NY, i have been forced to go through lots of cold weather trainging sessions. Bacislly, cold weather injuries can co in many differnt forms. Chillblains is the most common one, where the skin is sensitive (stinging sensation) and red. Best thing to do is warm it up slowly (dont rub it, youll damage the tissue further) with body heat. Then theres differnt forms of frostbyte. Where the skin looks like wax and turns gray, or it goes to black. You dont have frostbyte trust me. Ive seen it and the skin isnt red.

I don't think it's frostbite, in the first place an icepack wouldn't be that cold. In the second, frostbite is characterized by dead white skin and no sensation, because the circulation has been cut off and the tissue starts to die.
What was the cause of the swelling? It sounds to me like you've been bitten by something if it stings and is red. Go to a doctor or the ER.

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