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 how to get rid of a concussion?
i have dizziness spacey feeling blurred sight upset stomachand am a little tired

how do i get rid of theese feeling ugh :(...

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 what is the healthiest, low sugar, not bran ceral?

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 hydrogen peroxide help!?
okay so I lost my cuticle on my index finger yesterday and its been sore so I decided to put some hydrogen peroxide on to make sure it doesn't get infected. It still hurt though so I put some ...

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over the last 2 days I have gotten a total of about 13 bites all over my body. The first day I got 5 and the next day I got the rest, they are very itchy, red, bites, almost looks like mosquito bites....

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 Swollen Lip, Needs HELP!!!!!!?
ok, so my brother hit my lip, and it is swollen, i need to know how long it will stay because school starts in on the 24th!

and what helps it go away faster!?!?

thank you!...

 Swollen finger turns purple!?
Well today in school I was playing the slapping game lol thats when people take turns slapping each other on top of the hand. Well after I played the middle finger of the hand I was using to slap ...

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 can i drink beer the night before a blood test?

 Does Anyone Else Suffer From Numb Toes?
When I go out drinking (and wearing high-heeled shoes) I often find that I wake up the next day with the 3 middle toes on each foot completely numb (this often continued for several days afterwards).<...

 how do you get over anerexia and beat the habbit of bein a cutter?
my friend used to cuts why i want to know but i have had i big problem with bulimea and ...

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 I know somebody that does not want to go back to college. He begins to cry and he says he hates it.?
How can I help him?
Additional Details
This happens everytime with him. For example after Christmas break he doesn't want to go back and after summer he doesn't want to go back....

 We have no medicine for an ear ache so how do we ease the pain of one?

 why do we have to stress?

I swallowed a pit of an olive what Happens my stomache really hurts?
? you can e-mail me if you want

Amy M
Yikes! I swallowed an olive pit last night -- so far no tummy ache. Are you still alive?

there is no problem swallowing an olive pit. it will pass through your body when you have a BM. don't sweat it.

your stomach hurts cuz your worried about the seed. It will pass through you system and be out the next time you go poop.

Call the doctor immediately, or go to the emergency room immediately.

If you swallow a foreign object, it will usually pass through your digestive system uneventfully. But some objects can lodge in your esophagus, the tube that connects your throat and stomach. If an object is stuck in your esophagus, you may need to remove it.

Left Libby
Its okay to swallow an olive pit...or any other small pit or seed, they will not harm you. In a few days you should pass the pit easily during a bowel movement. TurN LefT

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