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 Burnt finger on a toaster oven coil?
I was getting waffles out of my toaster oven and touched a coil accidentaly. i smelled my skin burning(smelled really bad!!). What should i do for it? it hurts also....

 i smoke about 1 pack in 2 days for 7 years if i quit now will my heart and lungs repair them self at all?
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 Long story short, I my hand was in a burning flame for 3 seconds or so,my thumb now stings& red, what can I do?
Yeah. A little help would be appreciated.
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the skin is turning a bit grey on the ...

 What's the worst pain you've experienced ?

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okay - physical ...

 Does this make sense America?
I work in healthcare and I see people who can't afford to go to the doctor when they're sick and then can't afford to buy the medicine if they could go. Some don't have medical ...

 How long can depression last?
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 Cut with a rusty nail, what should I do?
I am home alone with my little brother, and my mom wanted us to carry down a shelf she had taken out, and my brother started to drop his end, but when I tried to catch his end, a nail sticking out ...

 what dose a flea bite look like on a human?
my cousin got this werd pink dot looking bite on her leg about the size of a ant bite but it dose not have a bump on it....

 Every day (one week) my nose is bleeding. What could cause this???

 how do i get water out of the ears??

 my mom has a habit.she catch and force big ants to bite in her navel until blood comes out.is it ok?

 What medical treatment would you choose if you had cancer?
Chemo doesn't seem to cure.
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I don't have cancer, but just in case.....

 Anything to do to get rid of nausea?
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 Whats the best way to stop chapped lips?
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 Please help me to treat my severe sunburn?
Yesterday I went to the horse races, sat outside unprotected from the sun (yes, I know, DAMN stupid but I forgot sunblock and didn't realise I was burning) for about three hours. I now have EXTRE...

 what does my child have?
He all of the sudden had a 104 degree fever and he was complaining that his foot hurt, and a little red mark the size of a penny is on his foot that hurts. He's 3 1/2...

 Sunday and the couch?
A pot of coffee, a bag of weed, the remote control and nothing to do. What could be better?
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How can you enjoy it if you don't share it? The experience that is. I ...

 I jammed my ear in my?
neighbours` letterbox, will ice reduce the swelling?...

 What's the best way to reattach a human thumb?

 has anyone ever dealt with a meth addict? any advice?

I have a bump on my head what is it?
I have a bump looks as if i got hit not red just a bump med size n when i touch it i seems to have a lil ball in there that moves around when i touch it. it is soft not hard and lasted a couple of months now... plz rite sumthing that will help not check it out or ask doctor

Marguerite P


game for a laugh
You really are insane.

Johnny A
Its a third nipple. Pop it.

Sounds like a bug bite.

mid sized could be anything. email me and tell me about where it is and i might be able to tell you more. as for it having a ball in it..... just from that it sounds like a pimple. try squeezing it and see what comes out.

Stevie G
it's probably just internal bleeding... maybe the blood clotted around that area when u got hit but the skin wasn't pierced so the blood lumped up around there. i'm not a doctor but I'm making an educated assumption (I am a bio major though :P)

Mrs. Clause
do you have a dry scalp? it could be some sort of clump of dead skin.... not sure about the "ball" inside you are referring to though.

could be a spider bite.

Shawna B
My husband has a bump that sounds like that, on his neck. Its like the size of an eraser, like a ball. He says it's been there since he was a kid. It doesn't hurt or anything. I tell him to get it looked at but since it doesn't hurt and he's had it so long I don't think it's anything bad. He tried to cut his out with a razor when he was a teen. My advice is, just don't do that.

keira d
There is nobody here, even if an MD that can diagnose your problem HERE online. Are you a complete moron or something?

It may be nothing, or it may not be.

When in doubt about a health concern, don't waste ONE second online and see a doctor.

You say [I am a telepath] "But I can't afford a bloody doctor!"

Sometimes, comrade, you cannot NOT afford a doctor.

Terry the ladies man
could be a spider bite

Playa F
Your nose?

you can try to pop it or maybe you hit yuor self with something but try to pop it it might do away

Sebacious cysts are common under scalp .

Dont listen to nipple heads. LOL.

Danny A
i used to have something like that near my ear its an inside thing probably a pimple and the only thing u can do is see a doctor sry
plz rate

Aldora F
The forehead and scalp have an abundant blood supply. As a result, any injury to these areas often results in bleeding under the skin. When the bleeding is restricted to one area, it causes a swelling, or goose egg. Doctors refer to this as a hematoma.

Keep in mind that the size of the swelling isn't necessarily an indication of the severity of the head injury. Even a minor bump can cause a large goose egg. To reduce the swelling, apply ice to the injury as soon as possible. Although the swelling usually goes away within a few days, skin discoloration may persist for one to two weeks. If you're still concerned about your head injury, even if it seems minor, you should contact your doctor.

Occasionally, a blow to the head may be severe enough to cause bleeding in or around the brain. This type of bleeding is serious because it can put pressure on the brain. Seek immediate medical attention if you exhibits the following signs or symptoms after a head injury:

Although a concussion is unlikely with a hematoma, seek immediate medical attention if you have memory loss or confusion after a head injury.

I know you don't want to hear this, but you need to see a doctor because it has lasted for 2 months. Bug bites do not last for 2 months. It is probably something harmless, but it needs to get looked at. I had something like that on my leg, and it ended up being a calcium deposit. Totally benign! It was removed through a simple procedure.

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