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 what is the best suggestion for a blister on my bowling thumb? I have bowling tomorrow.?
It is popped and fully open already. how do i reduce the pain while bowling?

 How to reduce prolonged lip swelling?
This last weekend i took a nasty one hopper to the face in my softball game. Its been 3 days and my lip is still very swollen. I have a wedding that im in this weekend and i need some remedies to ...

 Is it okay to give my daughter a zinc tablet or a vitamin c tablet?
My daughter is 4 years old and she weights 68 pounds, right now she has a cold and I would like to know if it's okay to give her a vitamin c or zinc supplement....

 is it true that when your ear is ringing that someone is talking about you?
i heard that when your nose itches someone is thinking about you
when your ear is ringing someone is talking about you
are these true?
what others are there? like when your eye ...

 Inflamed itchy skin around healing rug burn?
A few days ago I got some nasty rug burns on both my knees and tops of my feet...anyway im curious as to why the healing rug burn on my foot has itchy inflamed skin around the outside edges? It'...

 Scalded/burnt my hand?
I was pulling a cup of soup from the microwave and the cup popped. The soup had been in for about 6 minutes and boiling for four (I assume it boils at a higher temp than water). It got all over my ...

 what did i do to my finger?
i had cracked my finger, and now it hurts REALLY bad, but i can move it. Can y'all help me? Thanks.. and plz no, GO TO THE HOSPITAL or GO TO THE DOCTOR. I really hate that. anyways, thank you!...

 my nephew was stung any ideas???
by something in galveston. The sting is red with white bubbles and no broken skin any ideas if it was a jelly fish or something else. Oh ya its going away and it only happened an hour ago. But it was ...

 is this bad, poison?
hey i was at my friends house today when i got something in my eye form one of the trees, im not sure what tree it was but it stung and burnt. i imediatly washed my eye and it feel better i still get ...

 New piercing and possible infection?
I just got my ears pierced for the second time yesterday. I am not sure if they are getting infected or if it is normal to feel this way right after they are pireced. They feel like they are itching ...

 where can i find a snake bite kit in calgary?

 first aid organisations in the uk?
st john's ambulance
british red ...

 bit the inside of my cheek in my sleep and now it hurts and burns so bad........what can i do?
bit the inside of my cheek in my sleep and now it hurts and burns so bad........what can i do????

Additional Details
i cant stop biting on ...

 How do you get a splinter out! ?
A splinter went inside my big toe, and it's stuck in the MIDDLE and it hurts like a ***ch. HELLP
Additional Details
Im trying to squeeze it right now like you suggested but my nail ...

 HELP! How can i unplug a clogged ear?
I was swimming last Sunday and when i got out of the pool and went into the shower my ear was fine but when i got a Q-tip to cean my ears, my right ear got clogged.
It sounds like a rigging ...

 i was cleaning my ear last night with a q tip and woke in the middle of the night with a plugged ear ?
does any one have any sound medical advise to clear this up?...

 Yo yo help help ?
Every mornign for about 2 years now my lips are stuck together. I use a wet washcloth and then put vaseline on, and it feels better... But its really annoying every mornign and uncomfortable.. Anyone ...

 Welts after jellyfish sting?
I got stung by a jellyfish a few days ago on my elbow. Now, I've got these HUGE welts where it stung me that really itch and sometimes burn and hurt.

Is there any way to make them go ...

 How do I get dermabond out of my hair?
I had a cut on my head (right in my part) sealed with dermabond about 2 weeks ago. The ER doc just slopped it on, so he covered the wound, but also got glue all around it so its about a quarter size ...

 ok ive been having nausea and a rash broke out and i don't know whats wrong can you tell me if im ill?
please help!!!!!
Additional Details
it turns out the rash was from fleas i picked up from my ...

I got stung by a tiny bee yesterday.?
It didn't itch or anything. It got swollen, then it went down.
Today it is red all around it, like an inch in diameter.
Now it is extremely itchy. I know I should not scratch it, but its becoming hard not to.
What can I do to help this?

Nanny Goat Teats
take some benadryl and if it gets more call the dr

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