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I accidentally spilled a bit of hot boiling water on my thigh...?
now it feels like its burning, i can't even touch it, what would be a good first aid? can i use aloe vera gel? or nivea creme? i heard that it helps with healing cuts and burns?any suggestons pls!

When considering this happened 9 hours ago, my answer probably won't help. I'll give you my advice anyway :]

Definitely no creams/gels quite yet.

When you burn yourself, your ski is actually still burning even 5 minutes after it actually happened. That's why you should hold the burnt area under cold wter for 10 minutes. This stops it from burning and helps with swelling and blistering.

Once you have done that, gently rub in some burn ointment and cover with burn gauze.

If the injury is quite large, you may even need to see your doctor.


EDIT: I completely agree with the first two answers.
Burn ointment shouldn't contain any oils, and I have always rubbed in burn ointment into my burns and they have healed 2x quicker.

Walker Mill Warriors 1700 blk
damn i know that hurts soak it in cold water and ice and use aloe vera on the skin that all i know

I suggest you run your thigh under cold water for 10 minutes, this will reduce the pain and prevents ur skin from inflammation
After that use aloe vera! It helps speed up the recovery process.
Nivea creme is not needed, it moisturises, not help heal.
Hope that helps ;-)

bradley l/ King Arthur
cold water is the best thing to use,and then keep it moist so it don't dry out and hurt more,neosporin works well..

tamisara sez
Put something cold on the area and leave it for a long time. Do not put on any kind of moisturising cream; one because if the skin peels it is prone to infection, secondly because anything with oil in it will keep the heat in; effectively 'cooking' the skin. Use Aloe Vera when it has cooled down and is not sore. If the skin peels, wrap it in sling film (nothing cotton or fluffy) and see a doctor as you may need antibiotic cream. Good luck

Do NOT use any creams or gels - just use cold/cool water... and LOTS of it. Use it until your toes go numb. The tissue beneath the skin is still "cooking" and needs to be cooled down. Do NOT use ice, as you could end up giving your burned area some additional freezer burn.

ouchh =/ first and foremost, do NOT put ice on it. that will just make the pain worse, and will give you a freezer burn also. nivea creme is not necessary also, since it is a moisturizer. the best thing you can do is to just run your thigh under cold water, as OFTEN as you can. try to reduce friction by not wearing jeans, but you should still cover it up with a bandaid in order to prevent an infection(in case you did break skin). just make sure if you do use a bandaid, not to get the sticky stuff on the burned area, because when you take it off, it will hurt a lot.

after you use cold water, put aloe vera, cover it up.
repeat the process.
if things get worse, you should go see your doctor.

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