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this is why i don't like eating hot stuff xD...

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Ryan Rivera
I Pierced My Ear and i want to know if it is infected or not?
i pierced my ear 2 days ago and its still red, and every now and then i get the SMALLEST amount of sting, nothing to complain about even a little. then when i touch it, and squeeze my ear lobe its the same pain and when i do it to my other ear i can't feel anything. is my ear infected?

Bad Dad
If it was infected it would be very red, swollen, and squeezing it would produce a pus like cloudy liquid. Quit squeezing it or you will contaminate it with bacteria from your fingers. Wipe it with alcohol swabs twice a day or alcohol soaked cotton balls and leave it alone. You need to be concerned that the hole will close with healing unless a proper ear ring(gold) has been left in place and rotated periodically until healed.

No it's not, mine bled and were red and hot for about a week but think about it, all the bloods going to be rushing there so the white blood cells can fix it -won't work because your earrings there though haha- and if you touch/squeeze an injury it's going to hurt. But don't worry, unless it's really swollen -might swell a tiny bit but that's fine- and oozing a LOT of dodgy looking stuff -there will be some stuff coming out don't worry- then your fine.
So long as you keep cleaning them with the antiseptic stuff they give you -if you didn't get any they're easy to buy- then you should be fine x

PLUS you said one ear hurt more than the other, it's fine, with me my left ear hurt really bad I couldn't sleep on my left side while my right ear didn't hurt half as bad, it's not natural for stuff like pain to be completely the same in different parts haha x

Hmm what did you pierce it with and was that object clean?
Well DUH when you first pierce it its sensitive so obviously your not going to squeeze it!
Make sure to clean it everyday.

You should go to the walk in clinic to get your ear looked at. It sounds like there might be a bit of an infection. Next time when you plan on wanting to get pierced ears, please go to an authorized person to do this, as they have sterilized equipment to do this, and have been trained adequately with the procedures of doing this.

It's not infected. When you shove something through your flesh, it will hurt. The area will be red & tender for awhile. Stop touching it & stop squeezing it. Leave it alone & keep the area clean.

:) Lovely
Redness, swelling, pain, and some bleeding are normal for up to a week after a piercing. Therefore, your piercing is fine. However, you need to stop squeezing the piercing. You are causing it a great amount of irritation that is going to cause the redness, swelling, and pain to last more than a week. To ensure your piercing heals properly, clean your piercing twice a day with a sea salt soak. Add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to one cup of boiled water. Soak your lobe for 10-15 minutes twice a day for the next five to six weeks. These warm soaks will also help ease the pain you are experiencing. When not cleaning your piercing, do not touch it!

For future reference, infection is characterized by redness, swelling, pain, fever, and a thick, yellow to green discharge.

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