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 Is it alright to bleed from your mouth and nose at the same time?
Is it alright to bleed from your mouth and nose at the same time? Every morning when I wake up it's the same thing. My head feels like it's filled with water and the my nose starts bleeding ...

 how long do bug bites take to go away and heal?
i already started to put ...

 i've been rinsing my lip piercing with peroxide. help?
i recently learned that that's bad. what do i do?...

 please help to stop the bleeding?
my husband is on the cardiac transplant list and is currently on a large dose of coumadin. he cut his toe last night trimming his nails. it bled for hours. and not just a little bit. you couldn'...

 Remove scars from knees?
How can i remove dark scars from my knees?
Around 7 years ago i repeatedly fell off my bike on to my knees and they bled alot but today they are really dark from teh scars that the injury left ...

 Is it normal after getting stitches taken out from wisdom teeth extration for the wound to open again?
i woke up this morning and my left side wound was open and bleeding a bit and hurt. This is a week after the stitches were taken out. my right side is closed up because i had those stitches taken out ...

 what causes numbness in a thumb?
ok last night my hand went through a window, i didnt punch it, i pushed on it (long story) but no cuts or anything but my right thumb is a little swollen and i can move it fully, but the side of the ...

 Weird Mosquito bite?
sorry for the spelling errors, the spell checker is off.
Additional Details
Hi all, in the last few days i must have picked up a few mosquito bites on my arms, i usually itch them till ...

 The skin on my burned hand is peeling. Is it safe to wash?
I burned my right hand a little over a week ago. The skin is just now peeling off and is all pink....

 Why does your hand burn when you apply hot water to the burn?
I grabbed a hot pot handle and it burned my skin. But, there were no blisters or nothing, the 'burning' sensation is gone now. It lasted for about a hour when I ran cold water over my hand ...

 question about a burn on a finger?
well today at work i accidentally burned 2 of my fingers on a re-sealer myself and a co-worker flushed it with water then iced it. since then i have found that when iced there is no pain and when ...

 why should I use my left ear while i am speaking in my mobile? ?
sombody says we shouldn't use right ear with mobile. why?...

 Hurt fingernail help!?
Ok, I jammed my pinky finger into my car door handle and the fingernail ripped probably 7/8ths of the way down. It bled and is still throbbing and it feels like from the knuckle up, my pinky is ...

 my sister is in deep pain because of a mosquito bite.....HELP!?
its tearing her apart, me apart, and our family!! :( :( :(
i dont like it, help!...

 Cut that wont stop bleeding! :S help please! im really freaked out?
well i was shaving my legs this morning and i got to my knee and the razor kind of snagged my skin and i looked and there was a white spot on my leg. then all these little dots of blood started ...

 i have a gash on my hand, tips to take care of it?
it happend yesterday, its pretty bad, i stopped the bleeding, i just want to make sure it heals ...

 Fainting is a sudden, brief loss of consciousness due to:?
a. interruption of blood flow to the brain
b. reduced blood supply to the heart
c. abnormal stimulation of the brain's cells
d. blood vessels to the brain rupturing ...

 How to get rid of a swollen eye due to a cut?
Yesterday in P.E. in school I accidently got hit with the edge of a door really hard. So I got a cut on the side of my eyebrow (which looks a little deep,but not too much, but I am already taking ...

 stitches not removed? help?
I had a breast augmentation 4 weeks ago and i had them under arm,
the doctor cut the stitches 1 week after surgery but today i found out that there is a stitch sticking out my skin, so i tried ...

 Please help me identify this pill.?
Can you tell me what this is?
Its a small light orange round pill with a capitol P on one side and the numbers 100 on the opposite side. I need to know what kind of pill this is. please.

How to stop bleeding on a Small cut while on coumadin/warfarin.?
Hello , My husband is currently on Coumadin/warfarin and this morning he got a little cut on his finger which removed a small piece of skin. It has been bleeding off and on all day. We have been changing bandaids about every 5- 8 min or so. While burping the baby it started up again. Any suggestions on how to stop bleeding on such a small cut. It is to small to go to the ER or Dr about. Thanks for all your help.

When's the last time he had his Prothrombin time checked? If it's been longer than 3 weeks it's time for a recheck to determine if his Coumadin level is correct. Try applying direct pressure for 10 minutes and if that doesn't stop it go to First/Urgent Care or similar or ER as last resort.

Try applying pressure on the wound with a damp gauze for around 30 minutes or you can use a tea bag since it has tannic acid which can help stop bleeding. Steep the tea bag in water then squeeze to remove excess water, then apply on the wound with light pressure for 30 mins.

Keep more pressure on the cut - use a gauze pad and tape on it - not just a band-aid. And then once it stops bleeding - let it alone for a while so it will clot off -
If he has a "stiptic " pencil (for stopping bleeding while shaving) - you could try that as well -

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