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How to make flea bites go away faster?
I have 3 flea bites in total one on my back, my upper arm, and a really big one on my leg. i don't really mind the other two but the one on my leg is really big it's like a golf ball!
- i already use anti itch cream but that doesn't make it go away
- how do i make it go away faster!

cameo&#39;s Mom
A golf ball? Go to the Dr. asap! This is an infection for sure if it's that big. You could have a serious infection and do not wait for it to "go away" on it's own.

The redness and itching is caused by histamines released by your body in reaction to the flea saliva.

Take two benedryl and go to bed. You should see major relief within hours. Keep taking the benedryl until the symptoms disappear.

It can make you drowsy, so be careful when you take it.

bye bye bye
Try Calamine Lotion. It works wonders for itchy bug bites!

Ps. That sounds like it might be a mosquito bite (flea bites are much smaller than mosquito bites). Maybe you should call an advice nurse -- they will tell you how to treat it, or if you need to see a doctor.

The cream isn't enough. Regardless of location or cause: Kwellada cream.


Bathe in soda water, take some Claritin. Drink water, go out and sweat a bit.

First of all, you have my sympathy. If it itches so badly you've scratched it to golf ball size, that's a crazy bite. The only thing that really works to stop the itch for me is a little rubbing alcohol or Sea Breeze; I get some on my finger and gently dab it all over the bumped-up area, concentrating on the actual bite. It doesn't "make" it go away faster, but it sure does kill the itch for a while to let it heal by itself. They heal a lot faster once you can stop scratching, which can be really hard with flea bites. Good luck!

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