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How safe is it for a 4 year old to "go under" for an operation? (anesthesia)?
My 4 year old is having a tonsillectomy in about two weeks. I had heard that it is more difficult for a small child to come out of the anesthsia than for an older child. I wanted to know how true this is and what to expect.

My son is two year old and has had two operations, the youngest at 5 months. The anesthetist told me that the anaesthetic risk was the same as for adults. If your child has no other medical problems then there should be minimal risk. You should discuss this also with the anesthetist prior to the operation.
It is very daunting on the day but I am sure that your child will be fine. Maybe sleepy after wards but this is normal and nothing to worry about.

"Sure Darla!"
I have had my son "go under" for tubes in his ears, twice! He was 3 1/2 years old with the first surgery and 4 1/2 y/o with the second surgery...
He didn't have any problems coming out of the anesthetic aftermath.
You will be O.K. Your child will be fine.
Surgeons these days can do about anything with success!
Just say a prayer and you will feel better.
As always, Popsicles will do the trick, too. :)

The good news is that it is routine surgery, when its routine surgery the chances of anything bad happening is slim.

A lot of thought goes into medicating the elderly and the VERY young. Anesthesia is given base on height and weight. During surgery the child is well monitored. Dozens of children have this surgery every day without any problem, yours should not be any different, But you are a mother that is your job to worry. Gods' protection will be on your child, this is the prayer I will pray your young one. No need to say good luck. Everything will be well.

Anesthesia is a bit more complicated for youngsters. They often "com out of it" differently than adults do. However, all this should be well explained to you by your anesthesiologist. Dont be afraid to ask questions.

My four year old has been under the knife five times. He woke up confused and disoriented and wanted to be held. He was held and rocked (when possible) and he did just fine after a while. Mom/Dads voice and a soothing touch can do wonders.

Dont be afraid, be informed

My daughter had general anesthesia at age 4 for a procedure. It was much easier than I thought. They did not give her an IV until she was "under". They did this via a mask. They gave her a pill about 30 minutes before the surgery that made her "giddy and giggly". In fact, when they went to take her to the operating room, she jumped right into the red wagon, and off she went with the nurse without paying any attention to me! When she woke up, I was there in recovery with her. She was a bit frightened and disoriented and she cried a bit. I got to hold her and calm her. She did have nausea for a bit, but it passed quickly. Well, this was just my experience. Here is what some of the experts say:

Here is a study that was done:

Patients The study population comprised 269 children and adolescents ranging in age from 2 months to 18 years (881 procedures performed by 6 pediatric dermatologic and laser surgeons).
Results The risk of general anesthesia in elective pediatric dermatologic procedures was low: 90% of patients experienced no clinically relevant complications. The most common clinically relevant adverse effect of general anesthesia was perioperative nausea and emesis, which was noted in 4% of patients. There were no serious life-threatening events noted, and the mortality rate was 0%.

Conclusion The use of general anesthesia for dermatologic procedures in a children’s hospital setting appears safe, with a low rate of complications. http://archderm.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/abstract/141/5/573

How safe is the anesthesia for my child?
Anesthesia is very safe today. The anesthetic risks depend on your child's medical history, and we will discuss them with you before your child's surgery.

Complications from anesthesia have declined dramatically over the last 25 years. Since 1970, the number of anesthesiologists has more than doubled and, at the same time and at virtually the same rate, patient outcomes have improved. In just the last decade, estimates for the number of deaths attributed to anesthesia have dropped 25-fold from 1 in 10,000 anesthetics to 1 in 250,000 today. Indeed, the risk of "routine" anesthesia is many times smaller than the risk of riding in a car. http://www.ntcadocs.com/parent-f.htm

I used to work in an OR. If you're concerned; check the credentials & direct your question to the anesthesiologist who'll be in the OR with your daughter.
I've seen younger children undergo this surgery with no problems. Just know it is a very bloody process. They'll suction out both her nose & her tummy, but she should be fine.
Like I said, check with the anesthesiologist.

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