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How long does xanax stay in your body? What are the withdrawals symptoms like?

this depends on dosage, frequency, and your physical condition as well as your diet and other envirosocial factors. it also depends whether you immediately stop taking high dosage levels or whether you gradually reduce dosage. if you've been eating 2mg tablets (called "xanax bars") regularly throughout the day for more than two days followed by immediate stop, you should expect a fairly rapid onset of noticable withdrawal syndrome, 12-18 hours give or take a few. generally the symptoms worsen, and may include erratic heart rate, erratic respiration, unstable blood pressure, possibly nausea or loss of appetite, possibly a sensation of tightness in your shoulders or chest. withdrawal syndrome generally peaks before the 36th hour following stop and gradually diminishes. you may become confused or agitated. xanax like all benzodiazepines does have FATAL withdrawal symptoms that resemble severe alcohol withdrawal (delerium tremens, "dt's" or "the shakes") when used at high dosage (more than 2mg 3x a day by mouth) or for long periods of time (at the 2mg t.i.d. dosage you shouldn't immediately stop even if you've just been taking the medication three days in a row without consulting your doctor.)

the important thing to know is xanax withdrawal can be FATAL and deaths have been documented, although infrequent and more likely if you have other medical conditions. but to be safe, know YOU COULD DIE and you should see a doctor if you do not know. MEDICAL DOCTOR. M.D. (or someone acting under a medical doctor's direct supervision.)

depending on dosage level and frequency you may show posive urine screen for up to 5-7 days. if you just ate 2mg last night you should have clean urine within 2 days. BUT I HAVE NOT CLINICALLY CONSULTED WITH YOU SO I CANT SAY FOR SURE. talk to a doctor.

UGH... they're pretty bad. Stays in your system a few days, but if you're loading up on them like I was, well then, that's a different story. With-drawl was horrible. It was right up there with heroin. Irritable, itchy crawly legs, throw up, the whole 10 yards. Basically, your done for about a year. If you took as many as I did, they will eventually begin to live in your cells. So not only do you have to rid your body of the obvious toxins, but then you have to clear out the rest of your body, where the drug has been hiding if you will. I quit, but couldn't do it alone. In-patient for 10 days was a must. That was in 1991, haven't taken one since. Best thing I ever did, besides divorcing my husband that is. Take Care.

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