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Peeps, I mean ANANAS not B...

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 what should I do if i have bad sunburn?
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 Anyone else have a splitting headache?
OMG, it hurts!!!!!
My 2 1/2 yr old will be waking up any minute and I have to get my 5 yr old off the bus. When the sun hits my eyes out there, i'm going to pass out!...

How long after I quit smoking will I be able to breathe better?
I've smoked about a half a pack a day for about 6 years. I'm TIRED of not being able to catch my breath several times a day, especially when I'm working out. I'm also sick of the way my clothes, breath, and hair smell after I've been smoking. I'm quitting once and for all. How long do you think it'll take till I start feeling better (regarding my breathing)?

At least a month.

My sister was like you, it took her about 2 weeks but she has smoked for about 7 or 8 years, she is so much healthier.

a kinder, gentler me
It's a gradual thing, but for me, after about six or eight months, I just noticed I felt better.

The bad thing: your taste buds 'wake' up, and everything tastes MUCH better! That leads to eating more - so be careful!

It took about a year for me, but then I'd been smoking a lot longer and more. (a pack a day for 15 years)....I've not had a cigarette in 16 years now....you can do it too!

Good Luck!

Ike Turner
You will notice an improvement almost immediately but you'll be wheezing and such for a few months. Don't forget, the carcinogens in cigarettes invade your ENTIRE body, not just your lungs. In general, you will feel better, have more energy, have better self esteem, you'll sleep better, and eventually, your lungs will recover. You're still "at risk" over the years, but your odds improve dramatically now that you have stopped smoking.

The first weeks are tough. Don't quit on quitting. Stick with it!

There's a recognized list of benefits and the time they take to happen, eg, 20 mins after your last smoke, your blood pressure has dropped and in 2-3 days there's no nicotine left in your system, etc. Regarding breathing, it does depend on how heavy a smoker you were, before all that gunk gets out and your cilia (little hairs that line your respiratory system) get unflattened and working again. Also if you have emphysema, or the beginings of it, then you will have trouble ever getting back to normal lung function. Emphysema is when the air sacs in the lung have collapsed and they can't transfer oxygen to your blood.
There's a lot about it in the following website, plus help to make the move from smoker to non-smoker a whole lot easier, and what to eat, drink, exercise and so on to help with breathing, weight etc.

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