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I just stretched my ears two days ago to a 12 (first stretch)
they ache when i touch them, is this normal?
They're not warm to touch, they have puss coming out but it's white

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 I have been feeing a little low what is the cure for the blahs?
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Life is a gift but lately life just seems to be more harder and more demanding with work and spriritual ministries.

How do you "unstuck" you fingers when you accidentally superglued them together?
Yes i know. stupid thing to do

Michelle My Bell
Whatever you do, DON'T try to pull them apart, you can pull your skin right off.
Soak your fingers in warm soapy water until it starts loosening up, then put some alcohol or nail polish remover on the area and try to peel it off slowly-----remember DON'T try to pull them apart.
After a few days all the glue will come off by itself.

Put hands into acetone solution such as nail polish remover.
Let hands sit for about 5-10 minutes
Remove hands and run warm water over them while gently tugging on fingers to pull them apart.
If you have a lot on your hands you can scrub it on a pumice stone kept in warm water.

[edit] TipsDo not tug before putting hands into acetone solution.
It is best to use super glue with caution, so that you don't stick your fingers together, at all.

[edit] WarningsDo not make the water too hot.
Do not rub too hard on the stone or else you'll lose some skin.
Use only as much acetone as you need and wash your hands afterward. Read the warning labels on the acetone.

Keep nail polish remover... at hand at all times

Laura O is a Mummy!
There was a product called Zoff that was perfect for that. I think it's been discontinued but a pharmacy or medical supplier may have old stock. Otherwise acetone (if you haven't got any get your pharmacist to make up a little bottle) or nail polish remover with acetone in it.

One of your answers was NOT to use Acetone straight. WRONG!!! As long as there is no tear in the tissue that is exactly what you MUST use. Finger nail polish remover has acetone in it but you will have to soak is for hours :(
Acetone with a Q Tip for friction to remove the layers as they melt will take it off fast and painless you hand will be dry after so after all of the glue is off use a really thick rich moisturizer or Vaseline to hold in and seal the remaining moisture.

Anything that has Acetone in it. Nail polish remover, paint remover. Do NOT use straight Acetone, it burns.

You can also try this but it will be tough:

Soak the affected areas in warm soapy water. After a few minutes peel or roll the skin apart. If you have trouble with this try using tools such as a pencil or a spatula. After this remove the cured Super Glue with warm soapy water. This may take several applications.

Best of luck, sticky.

nail polish remover

Oh, believe me not THAT stupid--my husband was fixing a pipe in the ceiling and was using super glue to seal the pipe--yes, you guessed it ---he superglued his EYE CLOSED.....the er- cut his eyelashes off and used water to lubricate---in your case- use nail polish remover first-- if that doesnt work go to acetone--and if still doesn't work go to the ER

alcohol wipes

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