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 Is it normal that I'm craving for ananas and nuts lol?
no I am NOT preggy nor did I do anything! Does that mean anything??
Additional Details
Peeps, I mean ANANAS not B...

 Help! PLEase! I bite my nails. How can i stop?
I really need help! i have tried everything imaginable. What can I do? And it isn't something I am always know that I'm doing. I really need help, I want to stop. I bite them so badly, they ...

Grrrrrrrrr....... I bit my tongue last night while eating and I know it sounds like such a silly thing, but it HURTS SO BAD!!!!!! It is swollen and has a white spot over the cut that was there. D...

 Should I remove the dead skin from a second degree burn area? I burnt my lower leg, and theres all this dead..
skin and its all gray. Also should I pop the blisters?...

 What can relieve tired achy feet?
I'm on my feet for 8 hrs a day. They huft ...

 I swallowed a piece of fish taco & I think it went down the wrong tube & is stuck in my throat What do I do?

 SNORING: Does anyone know how I can stop this (see details, please.)?
I have already begun losing weight through a more healthy diet and exercise, but am snoring enough some nights to wake even myself, not to mention my poor husband. I would welcome any advice about a ...

 what type of spider bite makes your bones hurt?

 what is the best way to treat cat scratches?

 garlic oil for ear infection? please help its for my baby
how does it work i never try it but my 3 year old baby has an ear infection can i use garlic oil I'm reading on the internet that its ok but it sounds weird I never heard of that pleas ...

 Is it possible to have a allergy to yogurt?
I've noticed that after I eat yogurt my face starts to itch. It is usually with the peach or strawberry yogurt. I've stopped eating yogurt but is it really possible to have an allergy to ...

 What can I do about pink eye?
Right eye lid swollen, I think it is pink eye. Can anyone give me information on how to deal with this, without going to the doctor, as I don't have the money to go to one. Your help will be ...

 Could some bath soaps cause itching & rash on skin ?

 what should I do if i have bad sunburn?
went to the beach earlier today and i've got sunburn on my legs and my arms (but its particularly cad on my legs) what is the best thing to do to stop it hurting so much and to make sure it goes ...

 Anyone else have a splitting headache?
OMG, it hurts!!!!!
My 2 1/2 yr old will be waking up any minute and I have to get my 5 yr old off the bus. When the sun hits my eyes out there, i'm going to pass out!...

 What causes a blood vessel to burst in the eye ?

 am i deff?
i was playin with a firework and it poped near my ear and now it hurts and i can barley hear from it...am i deff..what can i do about it?...

 have u tryed the PROACTIV SOLUTION treatment 4 clear skin?does it really help?is it worth the money?
my sister has tryed everything,nothing helps,should we buy this one?its recomented by p.diddy and alicia keys and jessica simpson...should we trust them?please answer if u bought it and used it....

 How to get rid of the redness from a sunburn?
I went to the beach today and got a pretty good sunburn (the worst is on the neck). I'm going to Sea World on Friday and don't want to go with a sunburn. Is there any way to reduce the ...

 what to do if you get burned?
it ...

How do you know if you tore something in your knee?
I feel and hurt my right knee a few weeks ago, the dr. took an xray and said it wasn't broken, but that i tore some tissue beneath my knee cap. She said I should be able to walk by now, and I can, but I still have a lot of swelling to the right of my knee. When I stand on it in certain ways, it feels like it might give out completely and I get a small bit of pain shooting through the right side. Could I have torn a ligament or something? Should i go back for an MRI?

yes you definitely tore a ligament,however you did not give it quite enough time to heal itself,get a crutch.stay off of that leg.

You can never bee too careful. I say yes.

yes it sounds torn i think you do need a mri id tell your docrtor what you just said and be carefull with it till then good luck flaim

An MRI is probably warranted in this situation. If it has been a few weeks and there is still swelling and pain, you may have injured the soft tissues. Your pain is consistent with a meniscus injury, although without examining the knee it is impossible to tell. Go back to your doctor and follow her recommendations.

that sounds like exactly what I had. It was inflammation due to torn cartilage. The best thing turned out to be Ibuprofen. It's been a while, so now I wonder if Aleve would even be better.

Mr. Curious
1. Does it give way without warning?
2. Does it pop out when you sit on your legs with your feet under your butt.
3. Does it make a popping sound when you walk or move it a certain way?

I had the same thing and had to have Orthroscopic surgery to correct the torn ACL (anterior cruciary ligament).

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