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Its 4:15 in the morning here so i cant get anyone to help me out.
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 I bite my nails and I have tried to stop is there any remedies or a way to stop.?

 what are some good items to put in a homemade first aid kit?

How do you get something stuck right up the top of your nose out?
I have a really small piece of hard plastic stuck up the top of my nose.. but its got to a point where it is blocking my tear duck... so its really high u my nose. First i tired the how holding the unblocked nostril and just blowing like hell. Now my nose is running crazy and it all hurts... any ideas??

Joseph H

go to hospital as it could cause damage to your tear duck in the long term

hortense h
You should probably go to A&E before you do some serious damage x

A&E is the best place for you

Lily B Talus
yes, go to A and E....they'll sort this out

DO YOUR DOCTOR MAKES HOUSE CALLS?maybe you need to sneeze.my cousin at 5yrs. old m put a bead in her nose and it got stuck.we rushed her to the emergency room and before the doctor came in she sneezed it out.we kept the bead so she can teach her child not to put things in your nose.not even your finger. i hope you'll be ok soon.

The B
Hi you need to go to A&E they will get it out for you
Good Luck

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