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 important please help?
i have a cold

i think i am starting to get better but can you tell me what to do for the 3 parts i still have?

they are stuffy, runny noes cough and a fever?

what ...

Ok....got sun burnt pretty bad on my thighs and back on saturday just relaxing in the sun. Was out longer then i thought and being cloudy always makes it seem less dangerous.

Have been ...

 Do people have long arms that reach up to their knees??
My friend and I have had this arguement a couple of days ago... Is it possible for a person to have long arms that reach up to their knees. My friend was telling me that he knew a guy whose fingers ...

 How do I get over the anxiety of draining a subungual hematoma on my own?
It's actually not in my fingernail, but in the toenail. It's really unpleasant. It's especially bad after cross country practice. I want to do it on my own because the doctor will ...

 is this normal or is it something bad?
i babysit my four year old cousin yesterday his mom took him to the doctor for vaccinations or something he got a shot on his leg but today its red and he complains about it says it hurts really bad....

 How big does A cut have to be to get stiches?
I got bit by a dog and the cuts the kinda big and if u get bit by a fog what does the owner have to do and it would be nice to see how big the cut would have to be In a ...

 I have an ingrown toenail that has grown back! What should I do?
Back in August of '08, I finally had a year old ingrown toenail removed( the doctor took the whole nail out) and now the ingrown toenail is growing back in and I really don't want to get ...

 how to treat misquito bite?
is there anything you can do so bug bites dont itch as much?!...

 HELP!!! i got bit by something & idk if i should go to a doctor? its 5x5inches & swollen red w/ a white ring?
the white ring is around the red area and it keeps growing
i got the insect bite 3 days ago but when i woke up this morning my tonsils are swollen. Is this a spider bite and if so what kind of ...

 yeasterday i got an operation or incision to remove boil and they packed a gauze in there, the incision?
was made on the back of my knee and there is blood ont he outside gauze it hurts alot i cant even walk is this normalor should i be conserned, please only answer if its a fact or you've had on ...

 What is this clear liquid which comes out of my bites on my leg?
I've got bitten by bed bugs, so I picked the scab off and squeezed the bite and this clear liquid stuff came out of it. Is that the poison the Bed bug injects into you or is it the liquid that ...

 sliced my finger at work - need stitches?
about an hour ago at work, mcdonalds, i was taking apart the back ofthe grill and dropped a sharp piece, and it slip right down my right pointer finger, andf cut it deeply. there was a good deal of ...

 I've been bitten by a spider. Should i seek medical attention?
The spider was pale and yellowish....not too big. It bit me right on the bottom of my foot and immediately stung. It is now swollen but the pain has lessened. Should i be concerned?...

 How to stop bleeding on a Small cut while on coumadin/warfarin.?
Hello , My husband is currently on Coumadin/warfarin and this morning he got a little cut on his finger which removed a small piece of skin. It has been bleeding off and on all day. We have been ...

 why do i constantly bite my fingers?
ive been doing this since i was a little kid and my fingers are so red because i cant stop. when im nervous i bite more or if im excited or if im scared. i want to stop but i really cant help ...

 Could eating a super-hot pepper cause respiratory distress?
For example, could the trachea close up from irritation or allergic reaction?
Additional Details
I've watched the videos on the net of people eating those crazy-hot naga jalokia ...

 Do i have a spider bite?
So my upper thigh on the side was hurting the other morning and i noticed some bumps on my thigh. They are similar to mosquito bites they almost look like a pimple(not a white head).
I know this ...

 i shut my finger in a dooor?
it is sweeling and i cant move it and there is a cute and red dots should i go to the doctor and any ...

 The Best Way to take care of a Spider Bite?
I just got mine a few days ago. Right now it looks like a huge zit and it hurts a lot!

Its on my thigh.

How is the best way to cure it and take care of it? What should I use, ...

 How long should a person be in a ..?
?faint before they revive on their own?I have a friend who has fainting spells on a regular basis
and she can be unconscious for 5-10 minutes.
She has no problems breathing and her heart ...

Erica G
How do you get a cut to stop bleeding if your on blood thinners?
A friend of mine just had a stroke at 30. He's wife is scared that he may cut himself at work.

pressure. depending on how big the cut, pressure will work with most standard sized cuts. Something long and deep he may need to go to the hospital.

I to had a stroke and I am not that old either and I am on blood thinners, if I cut myself I just get a piece of gauze and apply pressure until it stops. It takes a Little while but it does stop

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