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Emma L
How do you cure a burnt tongue?
I burnt my tongue on my soup yesterday and now when I try to eat it REALLY hurts. AM I GONNA DIE?!?! hehe jk. But really how should I cure it or at least help soothe it?

take a cup of cold water. and dip your tongue in it. it'llhelp soothe it.

you cant really cure it, all you did was really burn the taste buds, dont worry, in normally 3-4 days they'll grow back and it will be better! to soothe, just eat cool stuff, drink water, try to avoid carbonated drinks, that'll make it not feel to good

it will cure itself.. It happens to me all the time when i cook. While cooking i always taste the food and its very hot..
Just try not to drink or eat hot/warm liquid or food so you wont aggravate the pain.

Eat/drink something cold for now..

If it hurts so much that you can;t eat take some pain medication like, Tylenol or Advil. You can also drink cool water, but nothing very cold as that will make it worse,. Eat soft food until such time as you feel that your tongue is better. Aand next time let your soup cool a little before you eat it.

ice cream.

Stick your tongue in cold milk and stay away from hot foods for a couple of days. Good Luck!

it'll just go away on it's own.
but try going to the store, and get this mouthwash stuff meant for mouth ulcers and braces pain, etc.
it will just numb your mouth so you can eat.
it'll just be in first aid row with other things for mouth pain.

good luck :)
these usually don't last more than a day by the way.

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