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 bump under skin on neck?
i have long hair and i flip it a lot now the part of my neck i use to flip my hair has a bump inside of it. is that bad?...

 OWW!!! Please help me out!!?
Ok, well I go jogging every day to try and slim down so I can look good going into my junior year in high school :D
well, today I was running, and I had a blister on my right heel, but I put 2 ...

 around 12:00 pm...?
i cut myself shaving
and its 3:30 pm now, and im still bleeding.
I've put on a bandaid and put pressure on it for awhile.
whats a fast way to stop the bleeding?...

 ahhh need bug bite help?
ok so last night i got bite by something. n ith like 2day i noticed it was swollen so i iced it but if i take the ice off then it hurts alitltle n then it swells back up. what does it sound like n ...

 Open Wound That needs to be Packed daily.?
Here's the story. I had a Cyst removed out of the back of my neck, it was nearly the size of a golf ball. 2 Weeks later the incision breaks open, this was 2 days ago. I went to see my surgon ...

 Hand pain??
For some reason my hand has been killing me...I mean in between my middle finger and my ring finger under the joints when I make a fist it really hurts Ive takken advil but it dosnt seem to help does ...

 I would like to know if eczema is contagious?

 has anyone ever been freaked out by "sleep paralysis"? what did you experience?
this happened to me years ago... i was "awake" but couldn't move. felt a heavy weight pushing down on my back. really freaked me out....

 How heavy can a backpack be without any lasting damage to the wearer?

 How do you get rid of herpes?

 My fingers and toes get cold really easily, and stay cold for long periods. Is this a problem?
My fingers and toes get cold really easily, and stay cold for long periods, even well after I am in a warm environment. Is this a problem?...

 What kind of pill is this?
I found a oblong pill with a bright yellow coating. The imprint code states 44-518. Some websites have contained pills with similar numbers and suggested that they may be Benedryl or something like ...

 Will straining my eyes cause permanent damage?
Such as looking at a computer screen nonstop for 15 hours straight. Or does this damage heal once my eyes have a chance to rest?...

 how do you get diagnosed with aids or hiv?

 How is AIDS spread?

 What first aid measures can be performed by a school nurse?

 Q-Tips In Ear Causing Damage??? Need Help Please!!!?
After I took a shower, I used a slightly wet ( I dipped it in warm water )Q-tip in my ear. I've done it before, but now my ear feels blocked and a bit waterlogged. It does not hurt at all, but I ...

 How do get rid of burn marks caused by very hot cooking oil?
I put some oil in a wok and it started to catch on fire so I put in the food I was cooking. Then the flames started to get really high so I tossed the food around in the wok and than some oil ...

 can hydrogen peroxide make you vomit?
I know it makes dogs vomit but if a human injested it would they vomit? Would it be harmful? (3%hydrogen peroxide) Because it says avoid swallowing on the bottle but it doesn't say if you ...

 am i going to need a doctor's note?
to purchase those armpit crutches from cvs?...

How do i make the feeling of having to pee go away?
I have strong urges to urinate but nothing comes out.
Additional Details
But, it doesn't happen all the time, mostly at nightafter I do urinate, and before I go to bed. Otherwise I urinate normally all day.

I agree -- may have a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection. Cureable -- need to see a doctor. I'm not a medical professional But drinking a lot of cranberry juice helped me.

Could be overactive bladder if you're young which is real common.

Consult with your doctor because it could be a sign of renal failure. There's various things that can cause this, but you really need to go to the doc.

You should see a doctor because it sounds like you may have a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection, which can both be treated with antibiotics and be cleared up within a week or so. Not to long ago, I had the same problem and that's what the problem was.

Ron C
The answer about going to the doctor sounds like a good one. Is there any chance that you're taking Sudafed? What you describe is a common side-effect of some antihistamines.

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