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 How can I make my cuts and bruises heal faster without products?
I'm very active and clumsy, I have multiple bruises and a few cuts on my legs. I'm going to the hot springs this Friday and wearing a bikini, and I want them to heal before then. Any tips ...

 i have a big baseball game tonight but i have pioson ivy?
its on my ankle.
what could i do,and what should i do from rubbing on my ...

 Accident-proof Medic Alert Bracelets?
I'm looking for a medic alert bracelet that can't be set off accidentally-- Perhaps one with a flip-top cover like a pocket watch. Is there such a thing available?...

 My lip is swollen, how to get rid of it?
I don't know how I got it?
I just woke up and my top lip was swollen?
Is there anyway to get rid of it?

Thanks (:...

 How can coaches tell if a player has a Concussion?
I am a volleyball coach and wanted to know how to tell if a player gets a concussion. I know if it is serious, they will get knocked out... but what are other signs if they don't go unconscious?<...

 How do i get rid of a bellybutton infection?
i got my belly button peirced 5 months ago
and ever since its been getting infected
no matter WHAT i do, i'v tried soft soap, hydrogen peroxide,
tea tree oil and a bunch of other ...

 How to remove poison ivy?
OK so i now i can't literally instantly remove it unless someone knows how to that would be much appreciated. But i want to know the fastest way of removing it, it burns and itches bad!


 Insect bites infected?
I have recently been out camping and I got bitten by so many mozees and sandflys I cant help scratching but now I have more control, but the bites have bled and are now scabbed over is it possible ...

 How do I care for a belly button/ navel infection?
I don't have a piercing but it's clearly infected. There are several red patches that are oozy and bleed a little when I clean it, but in the mornings there's a dark, crusty substance ...

 what is the quickest way to get rid of a cold??!?
i don't want to sleep all day, so i need something to help me quickly...,...

 Chainsaw Exhaust Smell Got Into House...?
I was in the bedroom, and my boyfriend was around the back on the house working on his chainsaw, well I heard him revving it up, and did not pay it any mind. After a few minutes I started to slightly ...

 Why Do I Need To Bite?
Since being a child, I have always needed to bite something for comfort. But recently, I need to bite something after many occasions, mostly after exercise. Seeing as I have only just realised this ...

 Ear piercing still bleeding after 3 weeks?
Okay, so i got a second piercing on both of my ears, (they were pierced on the ear-lobe, not the cartilage). It's been 3 weeks since I got it pierced and the left one is still bleeding. I'm ...

 Is there a way to cure a mosquito bite faster then letting it naturally heal?
I recently found 2 mosquito bite on my left arm and put rubbing alcohol on it and it seemed to subside, but 1 day later they reappeared and are back to itching like crazy. Is there anyway I can help ...

 Beatdine or iodine for treating minor cuts?
I've heard you can wash a cut in betadine or an iodine dilution.

Which do you prefer and why?

How do you make an iodine dilution?
Additional Details
I've ...

 How to heal a rug burn?
i have on i think from a cars set lastnight, how can i get it to heal?...

 What is the most likely diagnosis for a patient.. MULTIPLE CHOICE?
... who had a blow to the head the previous day, complains of blurred vision, tingling in the right arm, nausea, neck stiffness, and a severe headache?

a) stroke

b) heart attack<...

 there is a tiny black thing under my skin its swollen like a mosquito bite?
should I take in out with a sewing needle (disinfected)...

 Burn mark on my hand?
Hello there, earlier today I burnt my hand, and theres a red mark, will this go and turn into a scar, or just gradually fade away?
It stings a bit when I touch it....

 What would happen if someone drunk a 200ml bottle of calpol?

How can i tell if i have internal bleeding?
i was boxing some kid several hours earlier today and he got a good hit in on my nose(we wore mouth guards, gloves, and wrap, but no head gear.) a few hours after the match, my nose still hurt (im pretty sure its not broken and it wasn't bleeding.) I now have a minor headache and im wondering if i could have some sort of internal bleeding in my skull, like Liam Neeson's wife.
Additional Details
Please! im really paranoid right now and need some help.

There Could Be a chance that you may suffered some internal Bleeding you should probably call or ask your doctor if the problem doesn't stop.
But Chances are if it doesn't look all purple and bleeding under the skin it's just brusied

If you have internal bleeding you will feel cold, and like you're in shock, and you will also have a big bruise in the area that you were hit.

You can't tell anything there by yourself. You have to go to the hospital to be examined and possibly scanned to determine whether there is an internal injury such as bleeding around or within the brain. If you are concerned, then get to the hospital asap.

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