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 Is there a chemical in the average household that acts as a tranquilizer?
Or a anthestic that reduces pain in a certain area specifically. Cuz I need something to numb my Toe long engough to ethier cut my skin off and get in or cut out a ingrown toenail I have....

 How do you stop bug bites from iching!?!?
OMG.i went to a family members how for the weekend and lucky for me they lived in the bush. When i got home i have bug bites EVERYWHERE. I want to know if theres a way for it to stop iching i dont ...

 I got burned by the oven what can I put on it. It looks like it is swelling up.?

 If you accidentally kill someone when trying to give them first aid, whose fault is it?

Additional Details
Not that I did.........

 don't know what this bite is!?
A couple days ago I got out the shower and had a towel wrapped around me. All of a sudden my butt started itching. When i looked it looked kinda like a mosquito bite and stayed scratching it. Now its ...

 Two Sets of Pills! HELP! HELP!! HELP!!!!!?
I take Concerta, Stratera, and Claritan every morning and I think I took two sets two day?? I am only 13!! Please!!! Help!!! This is NOT A JOKE!!!!!...

 Tick bite still looks bad after a month!!!?
I don't think I have Lymes. I do know that the bite area is still hard and red. I "popped" it yesterday and got a lot of clear fluid. (Gross I know) It was not taken out properly, ...

 after getting a really deep cut......?
is it normal for it to swell? or is that bad?...

 what does it means when you feel a pulse in the middle toe of your foot?

 i have a spider bite. do not remember getting bit..what will happen .?.. going to doctor monday..?
i believe it to be a brown recluse
this has grown terrible.. all skin & flesh is just starting to disolve and fall off.. i have been removeing some of it . have keep it very clean.. ...

 I have a piece of glass in my foot?
I have a sliver of glass in my foot it's under the skin i feel it when i walk but can't see it or feel it from the surface. how do i get it out?...

 how can u tell if youve been stung by a jellyfish?
today when i was in the water at the beach i felt a pain in my stomach and looked down and noticed my stomach was red. Its a red spot with small dark red specks in it. sorta looks like a hickie. Well ...

 what's worse, getting high or getting drunk?
i kinda need like legit info, from like sites and stuff, but if you want gimme your opinion anyways?
thaanks :)
Additional Details
*getting drunk off of alcohol, high off of ...

 what is the back of your upper arm called?

 Why do I feel dizzy every so often?
Could it be because I take in too much sugar? I like too much with my coffee, plus I have at least one Mountain Dew a day, and one glass of sweet tea. I DO drink some water, but maybe not enough. But ...

 what is the scientific name for nose....anyone anyone... i need help..ritin n essay n need to know!! HELP?

 Drinking alocohol on an empty stomach lead to dizziness/spinning. Input, anyone?

 What is a good substitute for gauze?
My friend has a burn on her hand, and can't find any ...

 after taking off makeup?
k i just took off my makeup, and i noticed tiny red dots like marker or broken vessels all around both eyes... not raiseed bumps or anything just dots... ive been using the same makeup for a while, ...

 I have very dry irritated eyes, what can help?

Help, I stepped on a tiny piece of glass, and I need some help to remove it...?
I stepped on a tiny piece of glass and now it's in my foot, and no matter what I do I cant get it out... does anyone have any suggestions on things I can do to get it out... i heard that eventually any body rejects a foreign object, but I'm a mail carrier, and I have to be on my feet all day long tomorrow! Any suggestions may help! Thank you!

I dont know if you can find it anymore, but I would call pharmacys and ask the pharmacist if they carry something called "drawing salve".
Good Luck!
If not then I agree with the soaking of the foot in warm water and epsom salt, but istead of using tweezers I suggest lightly scaping over the area with a credit card (after cleaning the card with alcohol).

M e h - g a n ♥
Yes, i agree, Soak your foot in hot salty water and then try to pull it out with a pair of tweezers if its possible without it hurting too much... If you can't get it out, then you may have to go to the emergency room to ask a nurse or doctor if they can get it out.

If you can feel a sharp edge and just can't get to it try taking a piece of tape and push it on to the site and slowly peel it off and the glass should come with it.

you could try soaking your foot in hot water
but dont squeeze or use tweezers because you could damage the nerves

Get a sewing needle and soak it in alcohol.Then,where the glass is,pull away the skin with the needle.Get some tweezers and pull it out.You would need to put alcohol on your foot with a bandaid,and some ointment.Good luck!

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