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HELP!! PLEASE!!!! i put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and it wont come out?
i searched online that it was okay to use hydrogen peroxide to clean your ears
so i put a bit in my ear
AND IT WONT COME OUT! HELP please! what do i do!! is this dangerous??? How do i get it out??

get in the shower and clean it out with some soap on a loofa. you are sitting here with peroxide in your ear?

What do you mean won't come out?
Stick a dry paper towel in it and twist it about. It's alittle acidic but I don't think it's a real hazard. I suggest you tilt your head so it doesn't flow down into your ear drum. And IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY BIZARRE SYMPTOMS CONSULT POISON CONTROL IMMEDIATLELY
Best of luck

Get a small cotton swab, and very carefully use it to mop up the peroxide.
And don't use peroxide for cleaning your ears. Use olive oil.

Ballack Scores!
good luck mate

Jamie W
you should probably try water to wash it out of your ears thoroughly. I think the only way it can be dangerous is if you leave it in there for too long. if the inside of you ear starts burning, see a doctor.

You can use hydrogen peroxide for a mouth wash, so it isn't poisonous, although I would not recommend drinking the whole bottle. It will go down your Eustachian tube to your stomach or else evaporate and you will be fine. You don't have to get it out.

No it's not dangerous at all. Just tilt your head to the side and let it drain out.It will eventually work it's way out.

Ms Mayhem
Really you shouldn't have put it in there. I would recommend rinsing it out with water, I don't think it'll harm you.

As for you wax build up, I cleared up one recently with olive oil. (The chemist told me to do it and it was the best thing I tried)

Good Luck! and stop freaking out!

I'm guessing it got soaked up, but tip: next time, put hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip, and then in your ear.

Lay on a towel or washcloth under your ear and it will drain. It won't hurt you. You may hear the bubbles for a little while but it will stop.

Don't worry, its not going to hurt a thing. You'll have super clean ears though.

It just means your ear needed some tending to. All the peroxide does is clean the insides really well. Itsn't dangerous.
Put some vinegar and water mixed together (half and half mixed) in your ear and tip it out like you would if there were water in it. This is what you do if you also have water in your ear from swimming. It helps get it out if it is trapped!

calm down, your fine.
it might stay in there for a day or two
(most likely not)
but it wil drain out by itself

I used hydrogen peroxide on my ear for the first time a few weeks ago because I heard as well that it was safe.
What I did was lay on my side with ear up, and had someone pour a little in and lay like that for 10 minutes then flip onto the other side and let it drain out then use a qtip to clean it out.
i could hear much better.
it feels funny afterwards because it still feels like it's sizzling in there but a few minutes later everything was fine and my hearing was much improved.

You're fine. The worst that it will do is just be bothersome, like water.

The consumer peroxide that you buy from the drug store is very watered down.

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