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 Can you play basketball when you have a blood blister?
I have a blood blister on my shooting hand and its on my middle finger. Can I play with it?...

 I have a strange mosquito bite. What do i do?
im in china over summer vacation and the mosqutos there are killing me. it looks like a bubble of poison or something and a rash around it. HELP?!
WARNING! disgusting picture http://img292....

 How to make a sunburn stop hurting?
I'm 100% Irish and extremely fair, so I burn easily. I had on SPF 50 and was outside for an hour. Luckily, only my shoulders got burnt, but they are the worst I've ever gotten. I know that ...

 Really full heavy ear?
I have an ear infection and my ear feels really heavy and full, and I actually can't really hear through it. Is this normal, or is it clogged up with like... ear liquids?...

 Midge Bites - Antihistamine?
Does Antihistamine help with Midge Bites?
Additional Details
I am specifically trying to find out whether antihistamine helps with Midge bites. I am not sure whether Midges actually ...

 Swallowing Nail Polish Removal?
I had Nail Polish Removal on my hands, and I went to the sink in the kitchen to wash them. But then there was this basket of lettuce, and when I was washing my hands, I splashed a little of the water,...

 I have a strange bug bite?
Today I noticed that the area right smack in between my eyes were itchy, and after scratching it, it swelled up and became sensitive and hard to the touch. I'm pretty sure it isn't a ...

 This morning, I was bitten by an animal (probably a fly) around my neck area (adam's apple) I swatted at it...?
...and now, about 10 hours later, the area is red (yes I have scratched it) but its also slightly swollen too. My question is , what should I apply to the area? the reddened area is now about 5 ...

 I got a tick bite and I am wondering how to know if it is infected?
The other night I was laying in bed in the dark, and I felt something on my stomach so I just grabbed it. Well turns out I ripped a tick out, i was wondering how you can know if its head is still in ...

 What type of band-aid would you recommend?
i might be getting a helix piercing (top/cartilidge) on my right ear, but i'm going 2 be going to orlando 1 month and 2 weeks after i get it pierced. i want 2 prevent it from getting an ...

 Which Hurts More? Regular Tongue Piercing? Or Snake Bites On Your Tongue?
Now don't waste my time saying "ew" or "aha, good luck with your infection" just tell me if it freaking hurts more or not , thankss ....

 I think I have an inner ear infection now.?
I have had a cold for almost 2 weeks, and while the congestion is gone and the cough is practically gone, I continue to have a sore throat, mostly when I swallow. I am starting to have a slight ear ...

 Is it a bed bug bite? help please?
Recently my brother suffered from bed bugs after he returned from Malta, he fumagated the room and now they are gone however I got a few bites (atleast I think they are bites) someone told me that ...

 Ripped foot wart? help?
I toke some nail clippers ( for the blade ) and started clipping now that im done i got some odd chest pain like below my right shoulder ( like 3-5 inches down) and im worried about Infection.I put ...

 How to PREVENT black fly bites !?
Hii ! I'm going on an overnight filed-trip with my class to a Camp ( so were going camping) and my teachers have been telling me that there ARE LOTS OF BLACK FLIES !
i want to know the ...

 I rammed my foot on a wood trimming in my house do i need stitches?
I rammed my foot on a wood trimming in my house and it split a toe down the middle about less then 1/2 inch in and a couple of centimeters down, Do i need stitches? The pain went away and i put ...

 is this an Infected bug bite?
On my neck just under the jaw line I have what I am assuming is a bug bite. I've had it for 2 weeks now and it is not getting any smaller. It has recently turned red and hurts when touched. I...

 What do i do if my ear swells after Gauging?
So i went from a 4 to a 0 and my ears were fine and two weeks later i gauged them both to a 00.. I waited about a month or so and streched them to 7/16 and my left ear is fine and i can take it out ...

 Do U remove the ring before u clean a belly piercing.?
i Just got my belly pirced a 5 days ago...i was told by my piercer to clean it for the next 3days w/ anitbactierial soap... but besides that i'm clue-less. I've used "Dr. Tichenors A...

 White skin over a burn?
I had a red squishy bump on my skin (like an under the skin pimple, but it never surfaced), and had put up with it for several weeks without it ever changing. So, I used a sterilized needle to poke ...

Everytime I eat, I get something stuck in my windpipe and in really bothers me!?
Everytime I eat, I get something stuck in my windpipe. It's become more and more easier to happen since days ago. I had a doctor look at it, but he didn't say anything was abnormal. Now, I can not eat anything that is solid because it will get stuck in my windpipe. It happens in the left part of my mouth and I was starting to think that it might not be my windpipe and the food just gets stuck on the left side of my mouth for some reason because I never cough and i can breathe fine. Can anyone tell me what is happening to me?
Additional Details
I did have some trouble breathing one day after a wierd noodle accendent when in got into my windpipe or what I think it went down, but after taking some chest congestion medician, I felt better. But the breathing problem only happened 2 days after the the noodle was gone. My parents say that the noodle that went down my windpipe had nothing to do with my breathing problem. This is when it started, everytime I eat I get food stuck in my windpipe, but I can breathe fine. I don't get what's going on cause this has never happen to me.

You most likely have a problem with your epiglottis. The epiglottis is a flap that immediately covers your windpipe when you swallow to keep food from getting into your lungs, and if you are constantly getting some in there, I would like to think there is something wrong with the flap that is supposed to keep it out. There is probably no home remedy for it, other than chewing and swallowing very slowly, so I would recommend consulting a specialist and seeing what's up.
BTW, the first doc is a quack, because if something wasn't abnormal, then you wouldnt be coming to see him now would you?

Maybe you are simply eating too fast or not chewing well enough?

If you got a noodle stuck in your windpipe and it you couldn't cough it up and you aspirated it then it would cause you breathing problems. If you developed a low grade fever withn 24 hours after this incident occured then you could have gotten an infection in your lung from the aspiration and that is why you don't feel well......As for the reason you are aspirating when you eat....the best way to find out the reason for this is to see an ear/nose/throat doctor (ENT) or a speech pathologist who will do a swallow study on you and watch through an x-ray type of machine as you swallow different things and it will tell you what types of food that cause you difficulty to swallow and basically why. It is called a swallow study or they could do a barium swallow. Regardless you need to get to the bottom of this. Aspriration can lead to pneumonia that can lead to really really bad news. Good luck..

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