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Could some bath soaps cause itching & rash on skin ?

YOU BET!! The doctor told me the best thing to use is just plain dial soap. The anti-bacterial soap is harmful to your skin. Will dry it out and take away all the GOOD bacterail fighting ability from your skin. I was using it everyday, and going thru bottles of the santizier, and told me to STOP

Yes they can, but so can not bathing, so you take your pick, bathe, get a rash, but smell good, or not bathe, get a rash, and stink bad.

Did you know many commercially made soaps contain chemicals and perfumes which can cause allergic reactions. You are vulnerable in the shower or bath! Your pores are open and any chemicals or impurities can enter through them

At this site you can also get sopas that wont give you that reaction

scentds in many soaps are toxic to many people. Try unscented soaps. You may also be getting a sign that your body is out of
alkaline/acid balance. I would suggest using apple cider vinegar externally and internally plus making your own soaps and shampoos to avoid toxic scents.


yes they can some people have allergies with them.

yes, some are very drying while others have perfumes that can cause itching, redness called "contact dermatitis." The best way to determine if this is what is causing the problem is to stop using it. If you are still having the problem in a few days, it's something else...

If this is happening with one certain soap u may be allergic to some thing in it try another one if still itching and rashes occur u may be allergic to a component in the soap so get checked out by a doctor to find other solutions.

dont ever use them its make ur skin dry.use cream bath instead.(sanex or dove is a good 1).

YES! That has happened to me and I got an infectoin but it was cureable!

Yes bath soaps can cause itching and a rash on the skin. Some soap powders that you wash your clothes in can do this too. Switch to soap that does not contain any perfume or colours. You can take an antihistamine for the itching and rash.


Yes! Sometimes they contain dyes or perfumes that cause a reaction to skin. Most people in my family use only dye-free and perfume-free soaps.

Some soaps are caustic or with detergents in them they will immediately cause rash on your body. It depends upon ones skin also as some are allergic to certain chemicals. Best way is to immediately stop using and trying another.

Maybe so it all depends on a number of issues what your skin is sensitive to and another what the soap is made up from.

That simply is my own answer, I'm no specialist but using my experience both as a partner to someone who has sensitive skin and through my experience in care.

Take care and you may need a magnifying glass to read the contents/ingredients to what soap is made up from.

Yes, I had that, and I thought it was poison ivy

anything with a detergent in it, like Mr.Bubble.

yes they can, most soap has perfume in it, with causes dryness and irritation, in rare cases can cause a yeast infection in a women, along with alot of other products you put in the water. the milder the soap the better....use products like oil of olay,,,sensitive skin, or a oatmeal , i found usen baby warsh helps, we used it on are children to keep them soft. if you cant change your soap, use a baby lotion and apply after you dry,,,,,just dap dry and dont scrub the towel across you ...maybe your allergic to the dyes they put in it....the only soap that is pure is ivory, thats why it floats, plus they have one for sensitive skin...keep skin soft with lotion and the best of luck to you.

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