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April Ski
Cigarette lighter burn has red ring around it and is itching!?
My student burned her arm with a cigarrette lighter and it has a scab on it and looks like it may be healing but has a red ring around it and she says it itches. Is it infected? And no, this is not abuse, there is a group of freshmen burning themselves to be in this goofy club. Silly kids. But I wonder if she needs antibiotics.

its called....dont smoke or quit acting stupid with ciggaretts...heheheheh

Itching is a sign of healing and the red ring is probably the edge of the burn which is where healing usually begins, signs of infection would be oozing of puss, and/or a weird or bad smell. do not have your student put antibiotic ointment on it because it has oil or an oil base so it is bad for burns, but have her keep an eye out for infection and go to the doctor if it does get infected. Have her take benadrylpills or to get the benadryl cream on it for the itching, and a water based gel for burns on it. Oh and tell her parents because it is abuse it is self abuse. And as the teacher you should not be saying silly kids or a goofy club you should be worried and telling someone like all their parents what is going on and try to put a stop to it.

That doesn't sound like a lighter burn, it sounds like a bowl burn.

As a teacher, you would be negligent if you did not report such things to their parents. If it was done on school grounds, you should also report it to the principal - who should dole out consequences. What they're doing isn't goofy - it's stupid. Scars may or may not go away. Itching is a sign of healing. Have them put gauze and triple antibiotic ointment on it and give it a week.

Carla L
Yeah, that sounds like your students are a bunch of dopey retards. And this club should be reported to at the very least the principal or the parents. But on another note, as a teacher, it would probably be appropriate to have a medical professional evaluate the child's arm. You 'wonder if she needs antibiotics' and a doctor could tell you.

The burn is probably just healing. When something heals it gets itchy as it heals. Keep an eye on it another few days and if it starts oozing then send her to the nurses office.

To answer your question;

Chances are that the nerve endings are healing causing the sensation of itching in the students arm. The same feelings you get after a sun burn, while its healing. The degree of burn decreases the further from the center of the burn, it would heal from the furthest out in. If the scab if not oozing is healing on its own. I would recommend covering the wound with a water based gel and some Ibuprofen for relief of the itching sensations. I would also cover the burn with a clean dressing to protect it while it heals.

Signs of infection: fluids or pus oozing from the wound, heat, swelling, red lines extending away from the wound, a bad smell.
Itching and a red ring are not signs of infection. The red ring is most likely part of the burn, or since you said it's around the edge, it might be scar tissue. Wounds heal from the edges inward. Itching is a sign of healing, as the tissue rebuilds itself.
Since it's not infected, no antibiotics are needed but she should put some neosporin or something on it to make sure it doesn't get infected.

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