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Can you get stitches on your tounge?
my baby brother bite his tounge very hard,
and it was bleeding horrible and still is,
i wiped it off but
i worried horrible

Harry N
YES you can. Go the doctors or the hospital and they will stitch it up.

yes you can, take him to the doctors

Stitches can be placed in the tongue. However, it's rare for the tongue to actually require them. The tongue is a very forgiving organ and bounces back quickly from most cuts without infection or scar. Basically, stitches are considered to
1) Stop bleeding or
2) If the cut goes through the edge of the tongue and there's a big flap.

Have your baby brother stick his tongue out and put gauze around your thumb and index finger. Then use those fingers to pinch the tongue HARD at the site where it's bleeding - one finger goes on the top of the tongue and the other goes on the bottom. Do this for 5 minutes by the clock and do not peek at all until the 5 minutes are up.

After the bleeding stops (or if you can't stop the bleeding), have the doctor have a look.

i would assume you could get stitches on your tongue. other than that, keep pressure on it to stop the bleeding.

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