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 I used one of the ear swaps yestarday and know my ear is clogged!!??
whyyy...... i didnt fracture my ear or anything did i. u see when i first put it in, it was wet with water, than im like ughh my ear clogged, thinking that it would unclog. thinking it did unclog i ...

 I did not see what stung me, but I had 2 spots, 1 I think had the stinger. Can a bee sting twice?

 How can I get my thumb to stop burning?
Basically, I grabbed something fresh out of the oven and the palm-side of my hand suffered. Now, this was about 5 hours ago, and my other fingers stopped hurting, but my thumb is still like throbbing/...

 i burn my hand with a straightener and it look like this :[?

will i be scared or will it go away?
i burned it because i was in a hurry to go somewhere early in the ...

 what do doctors use to make the surface slippery?
it deals with infusion. please help. Thanks a million beforehand!!!...

 liquid coming out of a bug bite ?
ill be scratching my bug bite every time and then theres this clear white liquid coming out
is it the bug saliva that injected in me ?
Additional Details
its not infected cause its ...

 Is there anyway to get rid of a blister overnight without popping it?
I didn't realize my shoes were too tight until I got into the bath and now...well, there's one of those blisters with fluid inside it on my heel.

I'm really phobic of pain, ...

 So what do i do with a Heat Rash?
so im pretty sure i have a heat rash ( red little like pimples on my arm, circled around each other) and it doesnt burn or hurt its just hot, when i touch it. Ive had it for about now 4 days, and its ...

 My ear is really bothering me!?
I just got done with a swim meet yesterday, and ever since, my right ear has been bothering me. It's a little hard to hear out of it because everything sounds half-muted. I'm a fairly new ...

 Can i pop a blowout? How long does it take for a blowout to heal? When can i try and put it in again?
I just slid in a 0g into my 4g. Yeah it was stupid but it slid in easliy...sorta. Now im looking at my ear and there are little bubbles in it.. I want to pop them. sigh its hot and puffy. this ...

 Are pilot fineliners toxic?
are these toxic cause i had a little bit on my hand like a scratch not even and i ate ...

 how long will a wasp sting hurt?

 Help scratched up legs heal faster without scarring..?
My legs recently got all scratched up. Is there anything I can do or use to make them heal faster and help to not scar?

 What can I do to treat a big bug bite?
I recently got this bug bite last night right above my elbow while playing soccer with my friends. It is red, itchy, and is swelled up. It almost looks like I have a second elbow and is warmer then ...

 what happen if a bed bug bite you ?

 really bad sunburn?
i got really really burned on my face and now its pealing and i have lots of weird colours on my face :S i really want it to go away because its sooo uneven (the colour). ive been using aloe, but ...

 I Have got an itichy eye, help please..?
when i wear this type of mascara my eye itches like mad and i just keep scraping it every time..., is there anything i could do i have also noticed that when i take it off it still itches but not as ...

 what do i do if my friends ear is bleeding and they can feel the blood ?
Please help its my grandpa.....

 if you have a blister on your lip would u use carmex or toothpaste or both! which one is faster?
which one is faster b/c i have a prom this ...

 Mosquito bites tips plz?
how do u shrink a mosquito bite ...

The X Man
Can I go swimming with a first degree burn?
I'm not exactly sure if swimming will promote scarring, especially because the burns are on my face. (don't ask) I need an answer for both chlorinated and salted pools. It would help if someone were to post an answer which also includes a way to prevent scarring and a way to heal it faster. I thank you very much.

Chlorine is in pools because it is clean and kills germs. So It actually may help your burn. But with salt, it may burn or sting your burn but also may help the healing process. Neosporin will help prevent scars if you apply it maybe 3-4 times a day until it heals.

A first degree burn will be red because the injured tissues need increased blood flow to promote healing. The new skin will be especially sensitive to things like sunlight and chemical irritants. So you should wear a hat, avoid sun exposure, or use a high SPF sun block (like SPF 45 or better).

As for swimming, if the pool water stings and the area of the burn becomes even more reddened, then you may be experiencing some irritation. You may want to wait until the skin returns to its normal pink (or brown) color.

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