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 insect bite on neck and hands and feet keeping geting wet?
i think somin bite me on my neck today and my hand and feet startd to get wet and cold and it keeps doing what do you think it may ...

 How can i tell if i got the q tip cotton in my ear?
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 I got a bad paper cut on my eyeball. I need help!?
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 What is it like to stay in traction with a broken leg?

 bed mite bites!!!!!!!?
how can i treat these and how long will they last? itchy and annoying!!! any help would be appreciated, thanks!...

 How do I get this bug bite swelling to go down?
I got a HUGE bugbite on my arm, It's really big, about the size of 3 dollar coins put together. I scratched it my sleep and there's a scab over it, but there's a giant red mark there ...

 Does scorpion sting affect eyes?
A scorpion stung me a few days ago on my left arm/ shoulder.The next day I started feeling pain in my eyes. I was wondering if it could be due to scorpion or my eyesight has changed.LOL...

 My starter earrings will NOT come out of my ears. Help!?
I got my ears pierced in late August, and they were due to come out on Halloween. The holes are clean, the earrings turn fine, and the backings turn on the earrings. However, the earrings will NOT ...

 i have a ring on my finger and it is NOT coming off!?
i tried everything, water and soap, ice, lotion and it wont come off any other suggestions?...

 Is aloe vera suppose to sting?
I have a sunburn all over my face so a friends told me to try Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel. I used it and it stung like mad for about 5 minutes. It's ok now, but my face feels stiff. S...

 Band aid Stuck to bad cut, won't budge, help It hurts?
I got a cut on Sunday, today is Tuesday, and the band aid is stuck on it. I used baby oil to soak it, and the outer layer of the band aid came off leaving the medicated area, what do I do next? I'...

Ok so I had a nose bleed last night and I got it to stop but I still slept somewhat upright. Well it clotted for the most part I think [like if you stuch i tissue up there, there would be blood on ...

 i burned my lip today?
i burned my lip on something i ate today what should i do?...

 Does anyone know of a home remedy for ingrown toenails?
My big toe is in pain and it's swollen. I think I might have an ingrown toenail. What can I do?...

 is it true that a bleeding ear....?
can be the cause of brain damage due to much drug use?...

 ---------------> Am I experiencing ZINC POISONING? Please help!!!! <--------------------?
I'm 16 and about a month ago I started taking one 50mg zinc supplement tablet at night to clear up some acne. Your supposed to take it on a full stomach, and I usually take it about 1-2 hours ...

 i just got stung by a bee how do i keep it from swelling?
IT WAS A YELLOW JACKET. and my first day of hs is tomorrow! PLEASE HELP....

 How can I make this heal quickly?
I got a burn on my arm about two weeks ago, and it was pretty bad. it keeps scabbing up and i've put antibiotic cream on it but its still kind of nasty and scabby looking. its like, a decent ...

 How can i get my cut to heal quicker?
i cut my nose the other day and it bleed really bad. it's stop now though but i've got a big scab on my nose nd i am going to a party on monday so i was wondering if there was anything ...

 My gauges are really swollen when i woke up this morning. I mean, i just put them in last night.?
i have an ice pack on them, but what else should i do? like it doesnt seem like the ice is helping. and my neck is really sore from them on both sides. this i crazy, i need help....

Mike Kid
Can Aloe Vera gel relieve bee or wasp stings?

not that i know of, but i do know that putting a couple drops on some tissue or a cloth of plain malt vinegar and putting on the area where stung relieves the pain very effectively, if the sting is still in however, remove it with tweezers first before applying the malt vinegar to the area, it may nip and sting a bit at first but you'll be so glad after wards.

Volly EMT
I don't think so. But a pretty effective way of relieving the burning or pain that I used to use is mixing some baking soda and water, and applying the mixture to the site. It cools the injury.

Also, NEVER remove the stingers with tweezers. Please. Doing so can cause you to squeeze more of the venom into your body, which is not good. If the stinger is still in place, simply scrape the stinger away with something such as a credit card, license, school ID, etc.

No aloe vera is more for burns. Try meat tenderizer or ice and make sure you remove the stinger.

randal h
NO- I have been keeping honey bees for several years now and i feel pretty confident about answering this one. Some form of benidryl or antihistamine will help with the itching and possibly the swelling if taken soon after the sting. You will receive lots of input about thinngs like meat tendorizer, tobacco,baking soda an other topical treatments. they are all just wives tales. I have tried and none seam to work. the venom of a wasp is different than that of a honey bee. a honey bees venom is an irritant used to defend the hive while a wasps venom is used to kill its prey. My best advice is to not rub or scratch and let it run its course. it is normal for it to be sore for a coupel of days

I have had stings itch and be sore for as little as a few minuts or as long as a weak

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