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 I got a little cut on my finger and a piece of skin was barely attached to my finger and i put it back in?
place where i have the cut so it looks like nothing happened to my finger but i dont know if it will stick back once the blood dries or is it going to come of . Should i leave it or take it off. The ...

 What will help a bad bug bite?
I have a bad masquito bite! HELP!...

 Finger Nail Polish Remover?
I think I might have gotten a tiny bit of finger nail polish remover in my eye. It started burning a little bit so I rinsed it with water and put eye drops in it. After I did that it kept burning ...

 Waking up with bites?
I'm not entirely sure if they're bites, but they seem like it. It might be a small time thing, since it only happened today and yesterday, but I keep finding a red bump on my hand. It doesn&...

 This morning I woke up and realized the top of my earing was stuck in my ear! What do I do to get it out?!?
I've tried pulling it from the back but it hurts too much.. Then I tried pushing it through the front but again that hurts too much! I've tried numbing and it still hurts!!!!...

 My almost 3 year old has a bug bite on her forearm that's swollen?
It had to be a mosquito bite because we were out in the yard and we all got one or two- it doesn't look like a bee sting....her foream looks like Popeye's!
Additional Details

 i got stung with somthing and i dont know what it is?
i was at my friends house and i felt a really sharp pain like a bee sting on my back i pressed my back and i felt it again that i pulled back my shirt and a thing came out it was like a be but it was ...

 What kinda of bite is this!!!!?
for the past month i have been waking up with smaller bites around my body and then for a while it stopped... recently this past week i have woke up with one HUGE bite as you can see in this ...

 Cut on finger - how to let it heal and minimise scarring?
Basically I cut my finger on some glass a week and a half ago, which I have had dressed and re-dressed a few times with a nurse. She told me to take off the dressing and steri-strips today which I ...

 how dangerous is a wasp sting?
my friends daughter who is one has been stung on the sole of her foot it is very swollen and red but has not spread up her leg or to the top of her foot it is bleeding.what should she ...

 what happens when a vein is blown out in youre arm?
Ok i was stabed in the forearm with a peice of 0.032inch lockwire , which is a wire we use on aircraft to secure bolts down,well this peice of wire i beleive went through a vein a small one but a ...

 Owww! Please help with this....?
My daughter went ice skating on Sunday. She forgot to wear high socks so the skate rubbed aganist her, making a large blister around 1 inch (give or take some) on her ankle. She has just been putting ...

 How do you know if a cut is serious enough for stitches?
What will it look like? Like, you can tell its past the first several layers of skin, but can still see white underneath it?
How long after the initial injury can stitches be applied?...

 infected burn? how to fix it up right?
i got burned by a lighter and it got all blistered and swollen. then it popped and the part that was raised fell off. i put neosporin on it and have been putting baind-aids over it. but today it'...

 Tick Bite (worried)?
I was bitten by a tick 2 days ago. It bit me twice on my thigh. Now there are red spots inbetween the two bites, my parents say nothings wrong but I'm still worried, is this normal for tick ...

 Spider Bite what to do?
I was bit by a spider afew days ago. They have 3 dots on the bites i guess where its teeth went? Well they there are 3 on my elbow and on on my 4arm. Some what puffy and hurt to put presure on the. I...

 what would happen if you took ipecac when you hadnt swallowed anything poisenous? ?
don't ask why i'm asking ...

 I had foot surgery today.?
They sprayed my toe with some cold stuff and injected it with what I assume was Novocaine.

That was 6 hours ago.

Not only is the skin about the toe darkening, but the darkening ...

 my brother dropped a thermometer, the mercury got on his hands?
we washed it off with dish soap right away, but is it still dangerous? and how can you get it off the floor ? its in little beads and incredibly hard to pick up

i'm not sure ...

 My stitches look opened up..?
Do stitches re-open? I got a couple some on my kneecap about 10 days ago. I was scheduled to take them off on Saturday, but he sent me home because it wasn't ready. Tomorrow is my next ...

Best way to get saw dust out of your eye...?
ok during tech class i was useing a sander and i was useing safety glass's but somehow i still got saw dust in my eye and for the past 4-5 hours ive been trying to get it out ive tryed washing it out with water , useing eye drops but now when i try it it burns can anyone tell me a fast way to get it out if fells like its in the corner of my eye right next to my nose

Clemson Tigers Girl
close your eye for a 1-2 min. then flush it out with water in an eye drops bottle so it will go directly in there. repeat as often as needed. if it still hurts after trying awhile, go to an eye doctor.

The Robster
Get some eyewash or saline solution and keep pouring it into your eye (flush your eye) letting it drain to the side of your head.

the way that I use to get dust out of eye is fill shot glass with water. put it against your eye, with it pressed tightly against eye tip head back so looking at ceiling. blink eye in the water,then tip over to get water off eye. lightly pat lid dry with lint free cloth. Repeat if nessary

Irrigate the eye with a small glass of tepid water and a teaspoon of salt in it. fill glass up to the top and place the affected eye on top of the glass until the eye is under water then blink rapidly four or five times. Repeat five minutes later. You should see small bits of sawdust suspended in the water.

If you have flushed the eye with water and eye drops and its still painful you need to go and see the doctor. You may have scratched your cornea.

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