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 how do you heal the sting of a burn after ice, water and cooling gel have failed?
i burnt my finger really bad, it still hurts after 6 hours and i've held ice on it constantly and rubbed cooling gel on it for a while, and i ran it under cold water for about a constant 25 min. ...

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 terrible sunburn!!!! pleeeeeeaaaaaaase help!?
what do i do to keep it from blistering? what do i put on it? its on my legs, stomach and back, and it hurts alot. i just want it to fade quickly, and most of all, not blister! what should i do? ...

 I cut some of my finger nails too short!?
what can i do to stop the ...

 Why people smoke when they know that they'll get sick and " quit " ?

 I have a very serious case of dry, chapped lips. What can I do to prevent them from happening?
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 Will I get fat?
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 Why does liquid hand soap have an expiration date?!!!?
will it be harmfull if used after it expires?...

 do you think that it is dangerous for a diabetic to snort coke?
my friend is diabetic, and she wants to do coke, but i told her that it is dangerous. would a diabetic snorting coke have a different effect then a regular person?...

 how do i heal a infected ear?
ok i just got my ears pierced for the 3rd time. i mean like 3rd whole. and it realllllllllllllllly hurts! i think it might be infected. what can i do too heal it? thank you!...

 How do you handle depression?
I've struggled with depression for my entire life and I feel like it's an up-hill battle.
I use to see a conselor twice a week, but don't anymore. I'm on anti-depression ...

 why can't i sleep at night even though i'm so tried?

 My finger was "crushed" last night -- don't think it is broken, but should I go to hospital? It is swollen.
it was caught in a closing ...

 Anyone have surgury on anything? Did you feel anything?
I'm just wondering if going into a deeeeep sleeeeep actually helps....

 we ended up taking my girlfriend to the hospital for throwing up blood can she survive?
they found out her white blood cells were high. and also that she was in shock whats this mean? they admitted her to icu and i couldnt stay bc im not family...they a said once her parents are here ...

 Is the thumb a finger? if not why isn't it?

 How do you wake up not tired?
Its like everytime i get up in the morning, wether it be 5 hours or 8 hours, im always exhausted....

 what do i do for a spider bite?
i went to bed last night and when i woke up i had 2 large red bite marks on my upper arm, and lots of smaller ones surrounding it, i think it is a spider bite because on one of the larger bites,there ...

 What are some ways that help people get taller?

 Is my ankle broken?
I was playing basketball with my brother when I landed wrong on my ankle. My ankle twisted completly to the other side and it hurt so bad. It immidiatly swelled up and it is all bruised and very ...

Blonde & Sharp
Anyone been bitten by a white tail spider?
What did you do to help heal the sore and ease the discomfort and pain?


Ah! Freaky!

I've been bitten by a white spider before - not the same thing, but it bit me inside my ear and made it swell up pretty good. My friend gave me a facial, and that helped! Mostly to calm me down after having a big fat spider in my ear, lol...

But, just a general pain and nerve-calming management trick - you could try giving yourself a warm foot bath, or a hand bath. I've got chronic pain, and I loooove foot baths - best strategy I've found!

Hope you feel better - sorry, yikes!

not me

John Cena ♥'s Me
no, but you should go to the doctor.

i was bitten by something and i had to dig out a black thing embedded in my ankle it left a scare but i survived

No white tail ,but was bitten on the back of my neck just at the base of the skull.Half my head went numb and I thought I was going to die.It caused cerebral infection for 2 weeks.

Yes, we get white tail spiders regularly in our house this time of year. Been bitten a few times. Main thing is do not scratch the area, it starts itching as it heals, if you scratch then the cellulitis spreads and makes everything worse. Use cold compresses to stop the pain and itching (e.g. bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel, but not wet). Watch out for a red line travelling from the sore. This happened to me and I had to get intravenous antibiotics immediately. I also felt ill with it and tired. I ended with purple scars where the bites were, takes months to fade. Main thing is leave the wound to heal...no scratching or picking at it or it will spread. You must also keep the area dry, put plastic over the area while showering sealed with bandaid strips. For the pain I took paracetamol, check with your doctor/pharmacist what is suitable for you. The pain luckily doesn't last too long. You will find the itching the worst, but don't put creams on it until the area is fully healed, you need to keep it dry. If the itching gets really bad, ask your doctor for antihistamine tablets if they are suitable for you. Hope you get better soon.

I haven't but I have also never been to Austrailia either. I would however apply ice, use some form of antiseptic, and wash the site. I would also see a doctor who might prescribe and antihistamine, analgesia, oral steroid, or topical steroid for swelling and itching

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