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Lone GĂĽnman
4 out of 5 doctors agree...who is that 5th doctor that doesn't agree and would you go to him/her???

if the opinion of the 5th doctor match with mine i'll go with him and who is the 5th doctor i think there are many 5th doctors and you can eazily find them

Simon says
Probably MY doctor and yes Id go to him!

Use your own judgement, who sounds like they know the most? DO research let all 5 doctors know your well informed and youll question them if soemthing doesnt sound right, soem doctors out there, write you a script to just get you out of the way and on to the next person, let them know your not timid to call bs, or question what they say and why they say it.....

It depends upon what he is disagreeing about. What about when you hear that "a man is beaten every 20 seconds". Wouldn't you hate to be that man?

Yes. I would enquire. He could be the one who is right. Or he could the one who is totally in the wrong. For your own state of mind, go further and ask him why he disagrees and reasons. Tell him what the other doctors said and present everything to him. He should be able to defend his opinion and explain why.
Do not discount the "odd one out". He could be the one who did not get it.............
But he could be the one with the right diagnostic also (have read the most recent articles, have kept up to date etc, experience counts also.).
I have been in that situation but not with so many doctors though. The one who disagreed just happened to be the one who was right.

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