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what will happen if I eat a lot of rice before I go to bed?
5' 9" 15 yr male 138 lbs
what will happen?
i want to know the effects and risk and stuff

Johnny P
You'll wake up Chinese.

Rice is considered bread in China
Rice is considered a starch and a sugar.
YOU will get fat. Sorry expect not to eat after 8pm
Try to eat only what you can put in your palms.
Try to exercise it off


Nancy Kay
you'll gain weight, but it will only be stored as fat...this is what Sumo wrestlers do...huge rice-based meals then a long nap...so it's a great plan if you want to look like a Sumo wrestler.

if you want to gain good weight...eat more protien and good fats, and exercise to build lean muscle tissue...and don't eat late at night...whatever you eat then just gets stored as fat because you aren't using it for energy while you sleep.

LOL--the risks of eating rice?!

No one
I am not sure there are any risks involved. However, it is not good to eat just before going to bed because the food then digests slowly and remains in the stomach longer resulting in possible weight gain. I'd eat lots of rice, but not just before going to bed.


At 5'9 I am thinking you are looking for a fast way to put on weight. If so, I have bad news for you, other than a tummy ache, you won't gain any more weight than any other carb you eat right before bed. Try eating a sensible diet and up the calorie intake a little. Keep fiber, fruit, etc, but add a few more bread (whole grain) and grains.


drunken monkey
You would wake up needing to go to the rest room.

ur going to get fat.... u should not eat 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed.

just don't drink any water you might blow up

Eating rice before going to bed would surely have a bad effect on your health. First: you're eating rice which is an energy food (Carbo), but won't be able to use it; Second: it would produce extra sugar in your blood; Third: this could be habit forming cause it's very tempting to sleep with your stomach full. All of these can change your lifestyle overtime. Before you know it you could be obese. And being obese is the factor being blamed for diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorder etc. etc.. how do you like that.

You ll get fat!!!!!!

you will be full up !!

I can affirm that you won't go to the bathroom, for an important certain time

You might get heart burn or gas during the night and gain a few pounds?

Silly M
The same thing that will happen any other time that you eat rice.

ramesh sharma
eat fresh rice but before sleeping u shud walk for 30 minutes so that food goes to lower abdomen for digestion otherwise u will feel gas.Eat/drink milk,pulses,beet root,fruits salad or juice,veg salad or soup,
Discontinue Liquor,Non Veg,Chillies,Sour,Cold drinks,Heavy undigestible food.smoking
sometimes fasting is also important
You have to regular in prayer,yoga,meditation,swimming,any suitable exercise,
You should make one doctor friend for regular advise
Avoid drugs as far as possible bcoz of side effect
laughter is the best medicine

Automation Wizard
You will gain weight and probably have problems sleeping from the high starch content.

Devil Women
nothing man

chill out

just dont do it every night and you will be fine

but hey dont eat right before you go to bed for starters

i like the "you'll wake up chinese" answer

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