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 I can't run... help?
After a few minutes i get crippling shin splints.

i have tried extra stretching and increased padding in my shoes

the funny thing is, when I play flag football or soccer, I don&#...

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what's a good healthy snack?


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 Should I worry about my weight?
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People comment on my weight daily and tell me that im too skinny all the time. Im 106 pounds and 5'7" but I dont truely feel like I too thin. People think that I am anorexic but I eat more ...

 Am I too thin? I weigh 116 pounds?
I am 5'5" and weigh 116 pounds. People have been telling me that I have lost to much weight, and I am to thin. I use to weigh 128. So am I to thin now??? Should I gain weight?

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I'm trying really hard to loose weight.. and doing really well! I've lost 8 pounds so far.. nearly 1 stone :D

But i was wondering, how long it takes for ...

 What is a healthy breakfast these days?

 13 years old 120 lbs, 4"11 and I need to lose weight! Please Help?
Whats a good meal plan for me? Breakfast,and lunch ideas. Also an excersize plan would be helpful. I dont have alot of time for excersize b/c of school hw and after school activites. The lunch has to ...

 how can i lose weight by august 31?
and i dont want any pills or anything like that
Additional Details
im 15, 5 feet 4 in, and about 150 pounds. i wanna lose weight before school starts which is august 31. how much do u ...

 Do you think I'm fat?
I am 14 years old and weigh 119 lbs... I have no clue why I weigh so much considering that I work out, don't eat junk food, and eat really low-calorie, low-fat foods... Do you think I weigh too ...

 can you die from anorexia ?
i think my friend might be anorexic and i was wondering what are some signs and symptoms, she doenst eat breakfast shes very skinny and she doesnt eat very much lunch and sometimes non.

 14 year old weight?
I weigh 107 and I am 13 years old is that too much or am I just right or needs more weight?...

 does eating the same food over and over make you fat?
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 Do you think I'm too skinny?
I have a BMI of 16.4...

 whats the right weight for a 5'3 14yr old girl??
can you please answer in stones?
and it would be more useful if you told me on here instead of giving me links


 is 85 pounds normal for a 13 year old girl?
Im not skinny but not fat, but my friends weight like 80 pounds....

 is it possible to lose 10 lbs in 45 days?
i want to loose weight all over but especially in my thighs and tummy.
i am 5'2 and 120lbs
i am going to NYC in a month and a half
45 days.
and i really want to look good.<...

 How can I lose 10-15 pounds in about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks?
I'd like to be thinner for a vacation in a few weeks. I've been having trouble losing weight......

Dalila S
my weight is 48 kg and I'm tall 165cm!what do u think of me?

Nicole H

Make your weigh in pounds and your high in foot and we talk.

Alex S
Your alright.

some random guy
that your shallow and care too much about looks


dont worry about what people think about you be happy with you and who you are....ok? anybody sayz ur too thin unless they speakin of health problems it could cause dont listen to them.

ur fine just tha way u are

Your BMI is 17.63085 If your BMI is less than 18.4 you are underweight for your height. Are you eating enough calories every day? People who are underweight may be at risk from health problems, including loss of bone density, malnutrition and disrupted periods (women).

Shallow - if you judge a person just by height and weight.

Your BMI says u r underweight.........plz start eating NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too thin! But you seem to have had a much better response from men than I would have if I had just stated my weight and height! Shallow people out there :-)

i think thats a good size, you could be bigger, but thats cool. also depends on your age.

your lovely

You sound like you are tall and slender, but that could change!


Paper thin. Probably your vital organs don't get enough nutrients and you can be ill when you get a little older. I don't know how old you are but perhaps you are under 30. When you get to 30 you'll be ill. So muscle up a bit and be healthy.

you need to put some weight on you are under weight

stick pin

Too thin



you are moto,reduce your wt to be loved

very thin.


you are very under weight

underweight! u need to put on more weigh,at least 10 kg to be exact,unless off course u are comfortable with ur body size,also.....it depends on ur skeletal frame,small.medium or huge,if u got a small frame,i would advise u to put on more weigh ,then that,a height of 1.65 to be in par with the body weigh,needs to be at least,,,65kg,or 63kg,try to find out why are u being this underweight,if its glandular or doing to too much air in the body,and fire,or heat, u need to address those issues,unless off course u are OK and health with ur body,

ur under your normal weight.u should do exercise for ur muscles adn dont worry if by doing this u will add some weight.it will be muscles not fat, and u ll get a lovely, curved body.good luck.remember a healthy diet should accompany the exercise.dont burn urself out!!!!!!and as i said be careful if u actually suffer from a chronical disease.neverless dont trust the pills they sell at drug stores.sometimes they hurt.

you need to gain 17 kg,It is very easy.Daily eat 10 burgers.

Just eat fat-food, exercise daily(half an hour daily ) and manage your daily routine in time ....this will help you to look attractive. Best of luck

peter gunn
it all depends on your figure darling
and the only one to decide whether that looks fine or not is the person looking back at you in the mirror!!


I think you are okay and that you should be proud of who you are,what you look like and you should accept the way you are.I think you look great.

Im not judgemental! Whats size gotta do with anything?? Ive never met you so, I dont know!! I prefer to meet people before I make an opinion, personality is what counts!!

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