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 help me by your valuable suggestions please?
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David goohall
my sys mmHg was 108 the DIA mmHg was 56 the pulse/min was 68. Can u explain my pulse results to me thankyou.?
im 15muk feel fine just want to no what they mean. I am also triyng to increase my fitness level from tomorrow!

Paul B
You seem to be on the low blood pressure side of things it would seem (i am not a doctor, please seek medical advice as apposed to mine)
generally, you want to be about 120 (SYS) over 60 (DIA)
Your resting heart rate (RHR) is about normal though.

however, you need to take in many factors; weight, height, general fitness, diet - simply posting your BP results isnt enough I'm afraid

The more efficiently that your heart is able to process oxygen, the less number of times it needs to beat per minute. The more exercise you get, the more efficient your heart gets. 68 beats per minute is very good. Some runners may have pulse rates in the 50 beats per minutes area.

Your diastolic blood pressure is the time between heartbeats when your heart rests. Low is good, but too low is not good. 56 seems low to me. Normal is around 80.

Your systolic pressure is good 108 is low normal. Typically 120 is normal, i.e. 120/80 is a good blood pressure.

However blood pressure and pulse rate vary over the course of a day. You should take several data points to get an accurate picture.

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