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Vanessa :)
if you're hungry, does that mean you burned all the calories you already ate?
why are overweight people always hungry if they have extra calories they didn't use? Why would the body signal being hungry if it still has stored calories from other food they ate before?

Joel R
Not at all no. If that were true everyone would be thin.

means you are hungry.. go eat something... but not sugary!!

No, it means theres nothing in your stomach.

Sorta of you can burn calories when your just sitting. But it's in small amounts. If you have muscles you burn a lot of calories.

q answers
They're used to eat more

no it means that you are hungary again

Blue Haired Old Lady
No. They are just used to eating. Their hungry signal is all messed up. If you are overweight you have to learn to ignore that feeling. I used to be way overweight and lost 60 lbs - I am always hungry, but I can't pay any attention to that feeling. I know I am getting enough calories, my body just wants food all the time. Even after a big meal I feel hungry.

overweight people aren't always hungry, some people eat for the simple love of food, others at for emotional reasons

Mandy A
Unfortunately the body is not that simple. I wish.

After a certain period of time, if we do not used consumed calories our bodies convert them to adipose, or fat. Assuming that over weight people are not particularly active, they store a lot of adipose.

You can eat as many calories as you want and still be hungry later. A soft pretzel with cheese, for instance, is a whopping 600 calories, but not a significant amount of food. Thus, your body will still be hungry after you eat it, or later on. Unless a person is an althlete, burning 600 calories from that small snack is hard.

Our bodies constantly need nutrition and hydration to keep functioning. Stored calories are burned with exercise. If you do not exercise, they will be stored, and you will still get hungry later on.

Overweight people are not always hungry.

And if you're hungry, its most like psychological. Unless your stomach is grumbling then it means you just need food.

Your body does not limit your calorie intake, you have to.
It'll take as many as you feed it. Thus resulting in unhealthy people.

Like It Too Much
it just means that the food is now out of your stomache and digested. it doesn't mean you've burned off all the calories though. If you didn't the meal will be stored as fat.

9 lives
No. Overweight people are NOT always hungry.

Alotta Fagina
youre hungry b/c youre stomach has already digested all of the food in it. you dont digest fat. you burn it (by exercising)

hope that answered your question thoroughly

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