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Sangeetha S
if we want to reduce 1 kg how many calories do we need to burn?
everyday we need to give 1500-1800 cal to suppliment our body.what about fat percentage??? pls pls give me your answers.

Loss of 1000 calories is equal to 1kg loss.

Body does not require more than 1500 calories minimum intake per day to meet energy requirements.

Perhaps if you lose about 200 calories per day , you will lose 1kg of weight within a week.

To reduce 1 kg u need to burn almost 3500 calories per week that means u have burn 500 calories a day.

Many more details are required to consider your question seriously for giving any useful answer ---like
your height,surface area, weight ,your diet,nature of work,daily exercise.
How ever after deciding the weight to be reduced, how much to be allocated by each ,say,diet, exercise etc. to be worked out.
It should be a slow and steady reduction .

Read my two articles, it has all the answers plus some good info on the subject.

To day doctors are using Body Mass Index as the guide lines.

One pound of body fat is same as one pound of butter.

You can buy various kind of butter with calorie level of 3000 to 3600.

1500 to 1800 is very low daily intake. Most show 2000 to 4000. Again each individual is different, it depends on the metabolism of the individual.

Say a person needs 2000 calories per day, and a person is over weight by 20 pounds only. Then by reducing the intake by 200 calories it will take him 15 to 18 days to loose 1 pound. So it will take about 1 year to loose all the weight that the person needs to loose. If every thing is correct but say the person also engages in an additional activities besides reducing the calories, say runs 1 mile and that burns 200 calories then it will take only 6 month to achieve this goal.

By the way most diets for weight reduction are around 1500 calories. If a person goes on a diet with less then 1200 calories, the person will gain weight, but will feel sleepy and weak. Body actually shuts down, and conserves energy.
Life Style Change Program for Loosing Weight

Who needs to loose weight?

Answer is simply not every one, only the over weight person.

Who is over weight?

This is simple, it is easy to find out and it is available on line, it is call Body Mass Index, and calculations are simple. According to this calculation if you find your self say only 10 pounds more, you may not be over weight. Remember every one is slightly different and you can just watch it, on your own and not let it get out of hand.

What is the reason for being over weight?

This is also simple, have doctor check you out for any physical or hormonal abnormalities. The doctor should be advising you of your ideal weight even though you have already figured out the ideal weight and you are seen a doctor because your weight is not where it should be according to BMI.

Basic understanding of loosing weight.

Every one uses calories at all time. There may be some exceptions to this rule, for most of us; the rate of use, even when we are resting, we use 65 calories per hour minimum. This comes to1560 calories per day. The actual range is between 65 and 100 calories per hour. This is consistent with heart rate of 60 to 80 bits per minute.

Simply put any person eating only say 1500 calories a day will not put on any additional weight. At this level of calories consumption the person should loose some weight over long haul, depending on the individual rate of metabolism.

What is a healthy weight loss?

When one tries to loose weight, one should loose excess fat; there should be a healthy loss of weight. Loosing muscles tissue is unhealthy.

How much is one pound of body fat?

One pound of body fat weight is approximately same as one pound of butter. If you look at a one pound package of butter, you will see it contains between 3200 to 3600 calories. This means that each time a person burns 3600 more calories then what the person takes in, the person will loose one pound.

How many pounds should a person loose in a month?

Any one that is trying to trim down can figure out how long it took to put on the excess pounds. The fact is; it did not happen over night. It usually creeps up, but the person realizes one day suddenly.

This is why a person should not be in a hurry to loose weight. The person should start at once but go slowly. Do not wait for New Year.

Taking above in to consideration a person should not loose more then 2 pounds per month. If a person looses any thing more then that, chances are that the person will not be able to maintain the weight loss. It will take extra efforts to loose and it will take extra efforts to keep it off. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

When an overweight person should start loosing weight?

At once. The person should not be in a hurry to loose weight. The person should start at once but go slowly. Again do not wait for New Year.

How does body react to weight lose?

Any time there is depletion of fat beyond certain level, the body reacts by slowing down metabolism, so that it can build up fat. If the body is use to say 2000 calories per day and detects only 1500 calories per day for considerable length of time it reacts to the situation by reducing the rate of metabolism. When this happens one need to help body by increasing activity. Usually takes about four weeks for body to react.

What is the relationship between body and body fat?

Under ideal condition fat act as a reserved energy source for our body. Certain level of fat is good for healthy living and even may save our life in certain life threatening situations. Every one should have minimum required level of fat on their body.

What if there is no weight loss at 1500 calories in take level?

This is a rear occurrence. Do not panic. The body has slowed down the metabolism to such a great extent that you must help it. The only way to help is to increase activities, this means you have to exercise. You do not need to join Gym but you can go on an an half an hour walk every day or batter still engage in a power walk for same duration. Power walk burns 250 calories per hour and walk burns 100 calories per hour approximately.

What is the importance of body fat for a female?

Females require little more body fat then men. In the absence of certain required level of body fat, females are not able to function properly; in particular they may not be able to conceive. You can find lot more about this on internet.

At 1500 calories intake per day what one must drink and eat?


One gallon of liquids most of witch should be in the form of water (zero calories).
Calories should be accounted for all other liquids.

Why water?

Water is a universal solvent, means it dissolves almost every thing at least in very minute quantities. This helps purification of body.


What should be your proportionate in take of fat, Proteins and Complex Carbohydrates?

This depends on what your need are.

1. Need to reduce fat.

Fat: 10 percent of 1500 calorie per day = 150 calories.
Complex Carbohydrates: 30 percent of 1500 calories per day = 450 calories.
Proteins: 60 percent of 1500 calories per day = 900 calories.

2. Need more energy.

Fat: 10 percent of 1500 calorie per day = 150 calories.
Complex Carbohydrates: 40 percent of 1500 calories per day = 450 calories.
Proteins: 50 percent of 1500 calories per day = 750 calories.

3. Need to reduce weight only.

Fat: 25 percent of 1500 calorie per day = 375 calories.
Complex Carbohydrates: 25 percent of 1500 calories per day = 375 calories.
Proteins: 50 percent of 1500 calories per day = 750 calories.

4. Need to increase muscles bulk, but still reduce weight.

Fat: 10 percent of 1500 calorie per day = 150 calories.
Complex Carbohydrates: 15 percent of 1500 calories per day = 225 calories.
Proteins: 75 percent of 1500 calories per day = 1125 calories.
Exercise the muscles you want to develop, you can find right exercise on line, recommend use of light weights.

Foot note: To take fat is so important, while reducing even fat, that it is included in all cases. If the fat is completely cut out, body will think of producing the fat, and will produce the fat by reducing metabolism, without fat in take, you may actually again weight even at lower than 1500 calorie level. You will feel run down and lethargic.

How one must, drink and eat?


Every one may not be able to follow this regime.

A 16 oz glass of water fist thing in the morning will be very healthy start.
If you need to stabilize your stomach before eating, you can have a glass of water just before each and every meal. This is the easiest way to meet your quota of gallon of liquids.


To day almost half the world is starving.

In western culture. Standard healthy practice for long time was three warm square meals per day. No eating in between, but children were allowed night cap.

All that has changed, present thinking is 5 to 6 times per day. Any way what practice one follows is up to them; to each his own.

Another best practice will be a glass of water before bed time, nothing to eat for two hours before bed time.

How do I know the calorie count for various drinks and food?

If you are buying packaged items it is on the package.

Go on the internet and find the calorie information.

Lots of cook book now a days list calorie per serving.
Use your best guess, in this method use higher figure then you have guessed.


Body Building

You are blessed.

How old are you?

Most people put on weight after age 40.

Any way before you try any thing, see a doctor to rule out any abnormalities (Hormone, Pituitary).

Remember it is ten times easier to put on the weight then to take it off.

Body building is opposite of weight loss. But you must understand weight loss in order to build body.

I will include my article on weight loss also.

Most people eat protein reach food and complex carbohydrates, with one thing in mind, that they have to exercise 6 days a week and they have to eat more than what they burn off each day.

If you eat about 300 to 400 more calories per day then you burn off, you have a weight gain of slightly less than one pound per week.

You need to eat about 4000 calories per day minimum.

If that does not work than slow down your exercises routine.

In extreme case you will not exercises for two weeks at all, followed by vigorous exercises routine for six weeks. Repeat this cycle again and again till you reach your goal.



To lose 1 kg, you theoretically have to cut back on 3850 calories per week or 550 calories per day. Instead of cutting back on calories alone, you can burn some calories by exercising (see Activity Calculators for calories burnt for each type of activity).

However, you should not consume less than 1200 calories per day if you are dieting for extended periods. Diets which are less than 1200 calories per day are not nutritionally adequate and over a period of time, you may not be getting enough of certain nutrients.

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