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 how can i lose weight by august 31?
and i dont want any pills or anything like that
Additional Details
im 15, 5 feet 4 in, and about 150 pounds. i wanna lose weight before school starts which is august 31. how much do u ...

 Do you think I'm fat?
I am 14 years old and weigh 119 lbs... I have no clue why I weigh so much considering that I work out, don't eat junk food, and eat really low-calorie, low-fat foods... Do you think I weigh too ...

 can you die from anorexia ?
i think my friend might be anorexic and i was wondering what are some signs and symptoms, she doenst eat breakfast shes very skinny and she doesnt eat very much lunch and sometimes non.

 14 year old weight?
I weigh 107 and I am 13 years old is that too much or am I just right or needs more weight?...

 does eating the same food over and over make you fat?
like eating hamburger every night for a week or something like that....

 Do you think I'm too skinny?
I have a BMI of 16.4...

 whats the right weight for a 5'3 14yr old girl??
can you please answer in stones?
and it would be more useful if you told me on here instead of giving me links


 is 85 pounds normal for a 13 year old girl?
Im not skinny but not fat, but my friends weight like 80 pounds....

 is it possible to lose 10 lbs in 45 days?
i want to loose weight all over but especially in my thighs and tummy.
i am 5'2 and 120lbs
i am going to NYC in a month and a half
45 days.
and i really want to look good.<...

 How can I lose 10-15 pounds in about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks?
I'd like to be thinner for a vacation in a few weeks. I've been having trouble losing weight......

 if your around 5'4 and 175 pounds?
are u obese?????? because my sister doesnt look obese but she weighed herself today and shes almost 180! if she is obese how should i tell her to start working out and dieting without hurting her ...

 is this a healthy lunch....?
I just ate the following for lunch:
-one low-fat canned tuna fish sandwich w/ 2 slices whole wheat bread
-an apple
-a small soup bowl of grapes
-a Fiber One granola bar
-a ...

 Am I eating too much?
I'm pretty young, still in my early teens, I'm around 5'6 or 5'7 and I'm pretty skinny for my height, but I'm not in shape. I have an obssesion with Chocolate Chip C...

 I'm really good looking, but I'm a little chubby for my height?
I'm female, 19, only 5'2, and 138 pounds. I never use to weigh this much, I've had some problems with Anorexia/Bulemia in the past...the past 6 months, I have packed on the weight ...

 trying to lose weight , is this unhealthy ?
for breakfast I eat 2 packets of oatmeal& mix it with a cup of milk
and for lunch I usually eat about 3/4 a cup of rice and a small serving of meat w/ a few pieces of vegetable
if I ...

 i weigh 116 and im 5'3 do i weigh to much?
do i weigh to much?...

 What shall i do i am in a big mess i need as many people as possible to ansewr this!?
ok so the deal is im 12 and im 13 stone but i look 10 but i would really like to lose like 4 stone. my mum wont let me go on a diet because im still growing and i need stuff. i go out of the house as ...

 What do you think the ideal weight is for a 5'4" woman?

 I don't eat that much , yet i am still overweight?
I am 12 years old but yet I weigh more than most adults do, around 190..... what's going wrong????
Additional Details
yes my parents are overweight and yes i am active... i play ...

 what can i do when my friend is anorexic?
My friend has admitted to being anorexic in the past. Although she claims to have gotten better, she is now worse than ever. Her entire body in the first place is already a stick but she continues ...

i want to GAIN weight!!!!!!!!!?
Is it possible for a 15 year old to gain 20 pounds in 3 months? im 5'6 and weight 122 lbs.i want to gain 20 pounds over the summer. Can someone please list some foods that will help me gain alot of weight and some exercises that i could do so the weight doesnt go to my belly. please im a size 3 in jeans i want thicker legs. please dont tell me "eat cheetos and soda and be a couch potato"seriously please help me.

Either, be lazy and eat oreos.
Or gain a lot of muscle.

Jen T

get a life and be lucky ur so skinny..i hate ppl like this

Eat more. Move less. It is simple.

you don't have to gain thgat much weight to have bigger legs.just do leg workouts

Eat Cheetos and soda and be a couch potato.

ur cute
........................................… so easy to gain weight what are you waiting for so fun!

Karly S
fatter foods: fast food, junk food for snacks (chips, oreos, cookies,etc), cake for desert, milkshakes 4 drinks, this is easy

If you eat more protein and dairy, and also lift weights, you'll start gaining weight fairly quickly. Be healthy about it, so don't eat too much to fast. Stick with lots of meat and cheeses, and not just fatty foods. Also drink lots of water- water weight is healthy weight. And when it comes to excercising, doing stair-steps is a really good workout, but it gives you more strength than fat-burning.

lots of rice krispies treats. these are like little cement bags for your stomach. Should help

Soph K
Eat bigger portions.

DONT eat junk food to gain wait, eat healthy foods to gain wait it is much better for you.

Well it tough for me to answer this...cause i answer i want to LOSE weight!!!!! questions most of the time haha. But if you want to gain weight...there is a way I read it is kinda counterbalancing my way....but you have to be careful....you do not want to starve yourself...this is just a idea. I have never tried it so research it before you do.

But mainly you eat a big breakfast and a big dinner. Nothing imbetween. That way your metabolism will slow down. Your body will retain body fat in a way in which to maintain energy. Its bsically your bodies "survival" mode.

Now another way which would take longer but would be muhhcch more beneficial. Is to lift weights. It is completely possible to gain 20 pounds of muscle (which would look hotter than fat) in 3 months. Just get a workout regiment going and eat a good amount of protein.

Trust me, eat really late at night. Your body cant digest the food overnight, so youll undoubtedly gain.

eat a variety of different foods. Dont listen to poeple who say eat junk food. if you want to get bigger eat chicken. it will help you gain weight and eat melons if you want bigger breast. Now if you really want to get big work your legs and arms. run everyday for an hour even if you get tired keep going you will develop strong leg muscle, or if you dont want to do that ride a bike and work out your gludios maximus (the butt). for your arms do 25 push-ups everyday I know its hard at first but you will get used to it that was only your tricept (the back of your arm) if you want to work out the front of your arm bicept do 100 (15 pounds) curl-ups. you will gain weight trust me i was in boot camp. Also I was skinny before but now im buff and heavy.

anything with carbs
make sure you stay healthy tho
lots of breads, cheeses, meat
eat 5 small meals instead of 3 big ones
good luck!!

Yes it is possible.

Don't just eat a whole lot of junk because then you will have other problems besides being a total fatty. I hope you realize that by gaining weight, you won't have thicker legs, you'll have fat legs and a body full of FAT.

But if you insist...

Don't watch what you eat but please, put some sort of limit on it.
Eat fast and 3 full meals a day.
Although you need to work out to get thicker, other than that try not to move at all.

I really don't understand what you want much else.

Eat lots of protein. Lots of lean meat and healthy carbs. Steak, steak, steak, rice, beans, and potatoes. Don't skimp on the veggies tho. And hit the weights hard. It's not good to strain yourself, but heavier weights should help you to bulk up faster.

Try doing a pyramid chart work-out. Do as many reps as you can with the heaviest weight you feel comfortable lifting. Then drop the weight by 10lbs. or so and do as many more reps as you feel comfortable doing. Continue until you are down to the last 10lbs.

The combination of that kind of work out and diet should pack the weight on you as fast as it can safely be put on.

two words bebe

potato. salad.


lots of soda
sandwiches with mayo
corned beef
caesar salad

there are many others high in sodium and carbs

by the way...you are perfect the way you are!!! why gain weight???

be careful, once you get used to eating these foods, it could be hard to change your diet after you have gained the weight

eat healthy but eat more, its ok to have junk food but not too much, be active but don't be crazy active, thats all i can think of right now

helpful buddy
my advice to you is
eat a lot so your body will get used to eating a lot of food please whatever you do don't be a couch potato
you can get heart Attack from eating too much junk food in too much time
eat a lot of bagels with cream cheese
hot pockets
and a lot of sandwiches
but please please whatever you do don't eat junk food eat regular food but a lot of it

perhaps you can talk to your doc or a pharmacist about getting something which would allow to slow down your metabolic rate.
my cousin was in a similar situation and trust me there are no natural way for you to gain a lot of weight.

Drink protein shakes before you exercise. Hit the gyms to gain some muscle, after all, muscle weighs more than fat. For your legs, probably squats and running!

eat anything with carbohydrates in it. You wouldnt want cheetos and soda. not healthy. unless you want cheetos legs, thighs, arms, etc.

So eat healthy, and work out, to turn that into muscle. muscle weights more than fat

~Captain Jack~
You don't need to gain weight, hon. If you want some meat on them bones though, eat lots of protein and that will help you gain some muscle. Hope that helps!

Well if you want to gain weight in a healthy way, I would think the only way to do so would be to gain muscle in your legs. This would require a lot of weight lifting or core training (i.e. swimming, jogging, jump training). Eat lots of good carbs and protein (a 4:1 carb to protein ratio). When weight lifting, do a low amount of reps with a lot of rest in between each set. DO NOT eat unhealthy to gain weight, this is not good for your body and you will only end up regretting it.

Eat late at night, eat all the foods you love like a cake or bar of chocolate whenever you feel like it. Don't do any excercise to begin with. Have butter with a jacket potato for instance or have creamy sauces. If you like cheese that's a bonus. It's high in fat. Have 'good' fats like what is found in fish and nuts ie omega oils. You can actually gain pounds by going to the gym and putting on muscle mass by using weights as resistance. Ask an instructor about that. So that should set u off. I wish i was in your shoes! I'm trying to lose weight. Have some of mine will ya? Lol

Richard Simmons
What?? That's the most ridiculous thing Ive ever heard! Try to live healthy and be fit!!

There are special nutrition bars out there. They're used to gain weight weight for wrestlers. You can probably find them at any grocery store.

i saw a nutritionist for this...

u need to eat MORE CALORIES THEN U BURN TO GAIN WEIGHT...whether its healthy weight or not...EAT MORE OF THESE TYPES OF SNACKS/FOODS ...

-Lean meats
-complex carbs(oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread/pasta, some cereals)
-peanut butter or other nuts
-"proto pure" protein bars....each has 300 calories and 32 g protein but are low fat(7-8g), ok carb(around 26), very low sugar(1g), very healthy and delicious...i like the chewy chocolate chip and chocolate deluxe..or the regular "pure" protein bars but they are smaller and only have around 180-200 calories and 20 grams of protein
-loose granola
-dried fruit(especially raisins)-instead of fresh fruit
-potatoes and corn instead of greens
-drink BOOST PLUS and ensure plus(the chocolate is the best) they have 350-360 calories each and have alot of vitamins, healthy fats, and the carbs u need...look them up...there is a difference between the regular and the plus...
-milk/other dairy products

*these are all healthy food that can help u!


Azure Horse
By working out you gain muscle which weighs more than fat. You also bulk up with out the bulging of plain fat. Do cardio a few days a week and weight train the others. Change your eating habits also. Add more carbs. Soda and junk foods do add the weight faster. Try lunges and such for toning up the legs. There is no right answer. You just have to try it out and see what works for you. Here are a few web sites to get you started and good luck.

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