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how much will o lose if i starve myself for a week?
i weigh 151 puonds and i wanted to know how much will i lose if i starve myself for 1 week

mercedez s

NONE! WANNA KNOW WHY??! Because you are starving yourself. That's WAY unhealthy. If you want to go on a diet try the sacred heart diet. You only have to do it for a week and it really works. Go to the link below and find out for yourself.


about one pounds a day IF you work-out at LEAST 25mins per day[in CARDIO!(run, jog/walk fast, bike, etc.)] then do 300crunches and 30pushups, and 15 squats to START..
and dont starve completly.
eat like 2 fruits and 3 veggies and 1 toast[whole grain] throughout the day and lots of water. its so much better than nothing, and it will give you energy, trust me.

you will lose water weight...and muscle....then when you start eating again...you will gain it all back..and more..but now your ability to lose weight will be even harder...be cause you have abused your body, and lost muscle. Muscle burns fat. The only way to do it is the right way...portion control on your meals and exercise.....do strength training with light weights to build muscle...then it will permanent

I say 7 pounds but tommorrow am going to eat oatmeal for breakfast and then the rest of the day sip on vinegar and water and then it all over again.

† Seeker of Truth †
not, much. Just your LIFE! are you seriously thinking this? the human body can only survive for seven days without some form of nourishment. but you will most likely pass out long before then and someone will have you hospitalized.

you didn't mention your height. if you are over 5'5" then you are NOT overweight.
Talk to a doctor about you weight issues, and if you are over 5'5" then see a therapist for your irrational body views.

even for me, at 5'4", 151# is not very heavy. I look good up to 160#.
The issues you need to address are your body views.

However, the best way to lose weight, (medically proven) is to eat every two hours. small meals and keep that up for life.
a typical day would be:
8am a bowl of oatmeal
10am a piece of fruit
12pm a salad with some form of lean protien (tuna, turkey, beans)
2pm an energy bar, or some other healthy snack (fruit, veggies)
4pm small pick up, ( fruit, veggies, diet shake like slimfast, or whatever you like)
6pm a sensible dinner, a piece of protien meat the size of your fist, a salad, small 1/2 c. of starch food, like potatoes, pasta, whatever)
and for goodness sake, eat dessert! have a baked apple with brown sugar, or even a simple strawberry shortcake,
(simple strawberry shortcake
a pint of strawberrys cut into smaller pieces,
add, 1/8 cup of sugar, stir until it forms its own juice
put on a shortcake cup and add whipped cream
that is the basic plan to lose weight and keep it off!

don't starve yourself!

You'll drop probably 5 pds and then nothing youre body will then realize that youre not eating nd feed off itself the bad thing then will be when you start eating your body will be confused and it will retain the food you start intaking because it thinks that is all it will have. I think you should be eating something have a boiled egg with a piece of fruit and orange juice in the morning. Have half a ham and turkey sandwich for lunch and for dinner before 6pm maybe a salad with 4 oz of meet preferebly fish or chicken you could even have a tuna salad. Between those meals have a fruit or veggie. If you starve yourself you may face some serious consequences you might even faint. Dont do it hun look up websites and see which healthy meals you may eat in order to loose weight you need to have a smaller calories/ carb intake. No more than 2000 calories should be eaten a day.

You might lose some weight but you would gain it all back the following week because no one in the history of dieting has ever permanently kept weight off on a starvation/ deprivation diet. They are impossible to maintain and you get so hungry that you end up overeating and undoing whatever weight you lost. Try a healthy lifestyle change that you can comfortably maintain for the rest of your life instead.

Jimmy P
Since I started to work out I was looking for a good weight loss product. I was on a diet but I felt that I needed a little "help" so I decided to try this great product and I had fantastic results. You can check their website at
http://www.goodlwizard.info , they give you a free trial and you only pay 6.95$ shipping and handling.

I lost 20 pounds in a one week period. I was taking narcotic
and muscle spasm drugs, drinking a lot of fluids, and moving
from bed only for lavatory visits. Feel free to repeat same by
having somebody swing steel pipe hard into mid-spine.

please dont dont dont dont starve yourself!!!
when you don't eat, your metabolism goes down and your body can't function as well (like it can't break down food as well) and the food in your body just turns to FAT. starving DOESN'T WORK. i have no clue how much you will lose, but i can tell you its not healthy!!

You will get sick.Watch the diet.(look it up)Lots of water.Work it.Weight has to come off slow.

You may lose something other than weight. You may find your self grouchy, irritable, drowsy, and sick. I recommend that you eat daily, small portions up to six to eight times daily and eat the right foods when possible. How bout this, we can help keep eachtother in check as far as eating right, dirnking a half gallon of water daily, and exercising, Better yet, find someone who ingteracts with you daily to help you and we can hook up on this group when possible. May Jesus bless your endeavors.

When I went without for 8 days I lost 11 pounds, before 109, after 99. I think you would most likely gain it back if you don't have the will power after going that long without eating. I didn't but, I did a lot of other stuff after that 8 days. Don't do anything that will get you put away, be smart. I'll say 6-10 pounds for you. Drink tons of water and eat jello, eat very healthy after that, because your body will need it.

Starving yourself isn't the answer. Eating healthier and regular exercise is the best way to go.

Starving yourself does damage to your body

you could lose your life!! some people have massive heart attacks doing such things. you just need to eat the right things, your body needs fuel, just like a car needs gas to run, please dont be foolish.

Please don't starve yourself because it's not healthy. Just try to eat less. It's all about determination.

i think it would depend how old u r n probably not much

You probably won't lose much as your body will go into starvation mode.

Possibly your life.. Eat some lettuce..

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