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how can a 14 year old grow taller?
i'm 14,boy,my height is 1.65m
how can i grow taller?

I'm even cooler in person

don't do it!

growth hormonal pills...go to the doctor and tell them you want them

time and only time

Tara P
wholly **** that tiny.
Im 13 and im 5'7
Try some milk!!!

Austin @u$+!n
U can get taller by waitin till ur 21

Then it all stops there

lol im 12 n im 5'6

By eating all your vegetables, drinking milk, getting 10 hours of sleep every night, staying active, taking your vitamins, and listening to your parents. These are all active components for any growing child. Your height is normal for you. Everyone has different heights. Height is based on genetics. So look at a picture of your dad when he was 14 and you will get a good look at you now. A good clean healthy life keeps you on a path to normal growth. Don't worry about how tall you are compared to others. You are 14 and more to worry about than how to grow taller. Such as how to get that cute girl to go to a school dance or how to beat the next level on Halo 2.

you can't make yourself grow taller. you can take growth hormone shots but that is only for very desperate people that need to be taller for their health. I would say old father time is the only thing that can really help you. Guys mature later than girls. just wait when you're a senior in highschool you will probably be a lot taller

Well, you wait!
I'm 14 but I'm like really,really tall!
It runs in the family!

Ps i guess milk would help a litttle bit!

u can try swimmin

Ryan L
Nothing, just wait, besides, your not that short

You have nothing to worry about, boys take a while before they hit a major growth spurt and end up 16 and 6 ft tall. Give it time. However, what you can do right now is exercises like cardio (not lifting weights) because that promotes growth along with a good diet (take a vitamin, One A Day I believe offers a good vitamin for teenage boys). Good luck, and you will get taller!
FYI - milk is great and all, but does NOT affect growth as much as people think. How could lactose-intolerant people reach 6ft if milk did it all? So don't waste your time chugging milk, a glass a day or every other day is fine.

Ivan C

☠Poisoη Sαrɔαsm☠
you cnt let nature take its course

boy... 1.65m for a 14 year old boy is good... you cant grow taller when ever you want...

Its like this girls grow a lot in your age but after that no more...
Boys, grow little in your age but when you reach the 15, 16 years you will grow quick...

Sorry man but you will have to wait...


Trilinie Sarah S
Through passage in time. :)


You can only grow taller by time!
Nothing else can make you grow taller

you can't make yourself grow unless you talk to a doctor and go through the process of breaking your legs and slowly stretching them....all you can do is have a good posture....east healthy foods.

Ms S
make him drink SKELE-GRO

drinking milk will make your bones stronger so it could help you get taller

you will probably have a growth spurt sooner or later give it some time

Haley Wagner
you still have 7 years of growing....drink milk!

im 14 and the same size lol, errm, eat healthly and sleep longer

By waiting.

time is the only thing.

There's nothing you can do, but wait. You aren't done growing yet!

Unless you have a medical condition requiring the administration of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), then the simple answer is that you must simply wait. HGH is out there, but is injectible and must be prescribed by your physician.

Aldora F
Don't worry, between 14-18 your will grow the most. Drink at least one liter of milk a day and don't lift weights because they stunt your growth. My cousin and her husband are both very short about 1.63m . There daughter didn't drink milk while in her teens and she is even shorter than her parents at 1.60m ...but both her brothers drank a liter a day and they are both about 1.90m with such short parents...milk really did it's miracle. MILK, MILK, MILK AND MORE MILK UNTIL YOU ARE 20!!!

OH, and the boys were both about your height at 14.

Only time can bring you to your full height.
And proper nutrition!

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