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fat and to hairy :( ?
Honestly what do you think of my hair on my chest and also do i look fat? because its one of my most biggest fear's is hair and fat :( because of previous experience of people calling me fat and some people saying eww hair is horrible, i know all people have there difference's in likings n etc (see my picture please)


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i have shaved and waxed before ... ido admit hair makes ya look fatter tbh lol and the flat someone mentioned is not its a house one my living rooms this is lol...spare living room basically

your not fat but getting abs or losing a little more weight can help you and i don't really like the chest hair, its too much

Gabriek W
I like the hair its cute. You look skinny to me. =)

Breena C
The best way to burn fat is to eat less food and exercise more often, the problems appear when we really try to put that into practice! There are plenty of opportunities to fail in the real world aren't there?! I discovered some good information by visiting the web resource in the box below, they have plenty of tips, I lost 10 pounds by doing as they advised.

jenni boo
You are not fat and I think you have a good amount of chest hair. Trust me I have seen men in their own sweaters. Yikes. You are actually very nice looking...so in my opinion there is nothing for you to worry about.

Your not fat, you might look better with less hair tho, it shows off the muscles more :) too much hair reminds me of my dads stomache/chest lol

your not fat...you look pritty well cut up..nice physic

as for ur hairy chest...well its jus normall its not over hairy...just like any man that dont shave really

i dont think it looks bad my boyfriend has a vry similar chest/stomach its not fat its average i like it its manly i find it kinda hot :P

I don't thing your fat but all men are hairy if u don't like it wax or use something to get rid of it !

Cherianne O
The best way to burn fat is to eat less food and exercise more often, the problems appear when we really try to put that into practice! There are plenty of opportunities to fail in the real world aren't there?! I discovered some good information by visiting the web resource in the box below, they have plenty of tips, I lost 10 pounds by doing as they advised.

If you are that concerned about your hair, WAX IT OFF.
And compared to A LOT of people, you arent fat.
In the end, dont worry about what everyone thinks about you i guess.

not fat but abs would be better
also alittle hairy on the chest

Honestly its your persinality that matters not your appearence and if people judge you based on apperence and not personalty then thata there problem

Beau R
I was fat and hairy. I combined diet and exercise and lost twenty pounds. As far as the hairy part, it's natural, and most people ignore it. I've known a couple of guys that looked like they were wearing sweaters, so don't worry about it.

The hair is gross
You not that fat though

Friar Tuck
you're not fat at all. but honestly, if you feel like you need to work on something, i would try to change the psychological tendency you have to seek approval from others. it will only cause you heartache in life and love.

you're not fat.. and tbh i may be weird but the hair isn't that bad.. mybe like trim it.. i dunno

heck atleast you're not me.. i have a hairy belly and im a GIRL.. not that hairy though lmao.

dude, you should know by now if a girl likes your face and thinks your cute and nice and is going to get shirtless with you some hair on your chest isn't going to bother her. I learned this at 15 first time i got naked with a girl it makes you nervous as **** but no one is perfect. and if you are worried go get it waxed in a town near yours so its a secret and start working out. but you look fine to me. i'm not gay so i wouldn't know attractive wise. but as for bad its not that bad. grow some balls dude your a man. haha good luck

Easy solution, eat less and wax. Done.

Are you even serious?....you do NOT look fat. Please don't buy into all that nonsense that you have to have a completely ripped, sculpted, hairless body to "look good". It all depends on the beholder, and as you can see from the answers here, everyone has different opinions!

And if anyone has ever called you fat, they need glasses. Seriously.

As far as the hair goes, in MY opinion you're not too hairy at all. Some women like hair, some don't, and some just don't care. I personally prefer a man that looks like a man and not a schoolboy, which is why I made my husband stop shaving all his off. :]

Janes the name
honestly you don't look fat at all, the bast thing for the weight that i would tell you is to tone up and that really has to do with strengh training-push up , sit ups etc.
and for the hair most women might not mind the chest hair so much but i would get the stomack hair waxed.

OMG! you so look like the Zodiac Killer....i'm not kidding!

Anywayz , you are not fat, a lil' hairy, but not fat.I really wouldn't worry about it.

Wtf? No, you're not fat! AT ALL.

Actually, You're really cute lol. Some girls dig the hair!

But to be COMPLETELY honest with you I really don't lol.
But you could always shave or trim that area up! That's what my boyfriend does and he cleans up nice. :) Good luck xxxx

your definitely not fat, but you are a bit hairy... but some people are into that, and aren't bothered by it so don't let what other people say bring you down! =)

The younger generation prefers a smooth hairless body but even then there are some who think a hairy chest is manly. Honestly, let it stay because waxing will result in a loss of time and money because you will have to make at least monthly visits and no there is no such thing as permanent hair removal, not even electrolysis or laser offer a permanent solution, what they do is damage your skin. As far as fat, you are definitely not fat, it's the muscle bulk that might give this false impression on first look. I would recommend though that you do more cardio then weights now because you are already well built, now you could get more cut(definition) with cardio.

Lexxie K
I don't think you're overweight- I think you have a very comfortable figure. I fit in to the category which has a distaste for chest hair, but I don't think it's gross at all.

Don't feel so self conscious! You're a good looking guy!

cherri cherri ā™„ b00m b00m
You're not fat!

But yes, you would be very attractive if you waxed the hair and maybe put on just a little bit of more muscle. :)

Vananimal :)
nice underwear haha jk
anyway um no i don't see anything wrong i don't like over excessive hair but nope your good

lucia a
ur not fat at all!!!!
and not really hairy either.

oh i thought you were a girl asking, but you're a guy so that's completely fine! if you don't like the hair just shave it off

i'l show you fat..

but anyway, if you think you're on the edge of that then do exercise and a nice healthy diet.

You're not fat! You are quite the hairy though. That's what my boyfriend looks like hair-wise :O

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