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♥ Katelyn ♥
do pushups make ur arms "bigger" or loose the fat on ur arm? and..?
do pushups make ur arms "bigger" or loose the fat on ur arm? and if the answer is "loose the fat", if i do pushups daily and grow muscle, can i stop and will the muscle go away?

answer 2 questons fr 10 pts thx
Additional Details
wdf it builds ur ABS?!

push ups "cut" your arms, they get toned. If you want to increase strength then i suggest weight lifting

Alucard Zero
pushups also build your abs.

A Manic Depressive Named Laughing Boy
The answer is gain muscle, however to lose the fat you might want to try some cardio, ex. Bicycle, jogging, running, good for your heart and burns calories.

push ups if done correctly it works ur back and pecs little to the arms

Jennifer H
both first u lose, than u gain

Antoinette D
both... as your arms tone, the fat will be slowly melt away to reveal muscles

This depends on how much fat you have on your arms. You can definitely tone your arms, but if there is fat there then it will mask the newly built muscles. You would have to do a lot of push ups to make them seem really big. It might help lose some of the fat, but not always. If you continue to do push ups the same way everyday then your muscles will not build anymore. You have to change up your routine every other day in order for you body to not get "used" to the routine.

bench and curls to make em bigger and a trick to lose arm fat is take 15-20 pound weight and rep it behind your back

PhuLe Satisfy-er
It depends what kind of way you do the push ups, if push ups are already easy and you can pop out 50 easy, then they tone your arms out (lose the fat), but if push ups are hard and 10 repetitions is difficult then it will make your arms bigger. If you can do a lot of repetitions try putting some weight on your back, or a small child. You will not lose muscle quickly as in a day, performance wise you may go down, but your muscles won't disappear, that would only happen if you did not do it for months + time.

Jake T
doing push ups developes more muscle in your arm and depending on what kind of push up you do it will make that muscle stronger but no push ups do not make you lose fat on your arm but running will help with the fat so just run and do arm work outs ..........easy

Well, you can't really do spot treatment for body fat. Unfortunately, our bodies don't work that way, and our overall body fat goes down, not just the one spot we want. I wouldn't count on just that eliminating the fat you want to get rid of on your arm.

If your arms to get bigger, it will be your triceps and shoulders, but not your biceps.

well, the push-ups are going to first make you loose the fat off your arm as the muscle burns it for energy. As the fat is burnt up, the muscle will begin to grow. So, technically, its a bit of both :)

If you stop doing to push ups, eventually, the muscle mass will decrease because to your body, why keep the muscle mass so big if your not using it... so it will decrease. If you bulk up, you have to continue a routine to maintain the muscle mass you gain.

steven d
Push-ups build mostly chest and triceps muscles when done correctly, but has no effect on abs. If you stop, the muscle starts to get softer over time. Cardio exercise done at the right heart rate of about 65 to 70% of your maximum is what burns fat from your body best.

Eric H
builds your pectoral and triceps muscles

no it will not go away for a long long time but you probably will not lose muscle until you are older just keep active and there are no worries

You do not need weights to gain muscle you should be able to gain I believe they do in prison.

Doing pushups does not burn fat. It will tone and strengthen your triceps, delts and chest.

Burns the fat and enlarges your muscles. If you stop, your arms become soggy ugly.

Push-ups do both and yes the muscle will go away if you do not do anything to maintain it.

Doing pushups will increase muscle mass, but will decrease the amount of fat with the replacement of muscle. An easier way to decrease fat in the arms is jog, yoga, boxing, martial arts.

They build muscle. Building muscle will make the fat go away (as long as you don't eat too much! haha!)

So the answer is both.

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