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 Anyone who uses Aspartame or Nutra Sweet?
Especially if you feed it to your children...Please look up the dangers of Aspartame on the web. It is absolutely shocking that they allow anything this harmful to be legally put in our foods.Here ...

 Does Acai Berry work?
Does the Acai Berry work and what is the best place to order it from?...

 Pills for Weight Loss?
Hi everyone,
My wife is overweight especially after the birth of our son. She' tries to exercise and is always on a diet but nothing seems to work for her and she 's so desperate. I ...

 what is the fastest way to trim your thighs?
so i really want to get skinny thighs... what is the fastest way... i only have about a ...

 why so many SPAMMERS in this section?
every question i ask in this section i get at least a couple of the '' i recommend you see '' or '' the pattern for weight loss is simple '' answers.


 If you put a raw peeled garlic clove in your extra virgin olive oil jar will ?
the garlic pod rot and spoil your oil ?
Additional Details
will it ...

 How to get skinny FAST!?
I don't want answers from people that say stuff like "that's unhealthy! you shouldn't do that! you should do it the slow, healthy way!" I want the motivation to do WHATEVER ...

 If I drink a coffee before working out, am I still burning fat or just the caffeine from the coffee?

Additional Details
yes when working out right after are you still burning fat or just spinning the energy from the caffenie out of your system?...

 I pulled a muscle in my upper back yesterday lifting a garbage can do I put ice or heat on my back?
The pain is still strong today. I took Motrin and it helped a little.......

 How do I deal with cramp ?
I do ten cycles a week, (to work and back, 25 min's each way),
with light weight training between,
and normally 2 other training sessions on a Weekend,
I have one day off ...

 How much salad do you eat and which ones do you like?
Have you felt that they have positively affected your energy levels and health?...

 Does the average adult really need 2,000 calories per day?
Seems to me like we could easily maintain our body weight on 1400 or 1500 calories unless we are very active....

 How can I convince my parents 2 eat healthier.....? ?
I mean this lifestyle is also affecting me, I am a still growing girl and need more then haggis and deep fried marsh bars 2 survive.....So what do u suggest I don't want them die of a hearth ...

 Excercise question....can anyone help? A bit embarrassing, but here goes?
Any suggestions on how to get rid of cellulite? I am 5'4 and weigh 110lbs. I never used to have any until I had my first baby - after that I had a little. Then I had my 2nd baby and that's ...

 " You need to stop worrying about diets, calories, and numbers..that's the wrong way" UGHHHHHHHH help?
I'm so SICK and effin' tired of people telling me " No you shouldn't count calories"..."You need to stop worrying about numbers"..."Calorie diets are the WRONG ...

 why do people put trans fat in foods?
so..why do they? even when its less than 1% or 0.5g whats the point of putting it in the food? to make it taste better? does <0.5g really make much of a difference in the taste? i wouldn't ...

 Is it true that Red wine helps you lose weight?

 How many calories do you burn swimming?
I recently dislocated my hip, my nerves are damaged etc. It actually came off the socket and they put it back in. I have had problems with my right leg and hip for a long time now.
It is ...

 What is the difference between Athlean X and P90X?

 will working out/building more muscle stunt my height growth or not allow to me grow tall?
Im almost 15 years old;
is 90 pushups ok?
lifting 15 lb dumbells ok?
dragonboat paddling for shoulders...
some pullups..undefined how many

Additional Details
im ...

can u have a 7 pack....................................…
my friend says he does but i thought that u can"t have an odd number.
just wondering, thanks

yeah if you have a six pack and the lower most ab muscle isn't fully defined then you get seven. A friend of mine has a seven pack because he has a messed up ribbed and the 8th ab cant develop because the muscle isn't set correctly over the rib.

I have 8 pack .... but 7 pack sounds funny ! ^_^
Anyhow... I think some guys have 7 pack it depends person by person
don't worry I think it is possible to be

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