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How many pounds overweight were you? How did you do it? And in what time frame?
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 How to exercise in heat?
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this may sound ...

 Am I Over Weight??????
i'm 6'0
i weigh 175
and i just turned 24 today
Additional Details
I Would Answer Your Questions But It won't let me anymore today!sorry♣♥☺☻♠♦•○...

 what is your height, weight & clothing size?
just trying to work out averages,

it would be prefferable if you say your weight in stone, cause i don't understand lbs, kg, ect :P


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 Apart from walking what other ways are effective in helping to lose weight on the bum?

Additional Details
Nayda.....it's called pedometer....

 Is bulimia affective? Do you get skinny?
I don't want bullcrap about all the negatives.
I want one answer to one question:

 Is 5"4' tall for a 14-year-old or is it the average height?

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I mean 5"4' 1/2. :)...

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Sometimes I can't make it to my gym before it closes, so I do DDR (I float between standard and heavy, so I'm moving the whole time). Granted, it's not like being on an elliptical ...

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help plz

thank ...

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can any plz what specific foods and ...

can eating a lot of protein help make you stronger?
i know that it builds muscles but can it actually help make you stronger?

Desert Sienna
Yes to a point. Steak and fish are good.

yes, it can. but only if you exercise and eat it. just eating a whol elot of protein and then sitting around thenking it will make you ripped is idiotic, to be frank.

Jason C
Protien is the foundation of fitness.

yes but u still need to do other stuff

Yes, but you have to workout so that the protein has somewhere to go.

Not alone. When you work out, your muscles tear. When they heal, they become bigger. Protein speeds up this process and helps growth a little bit.

Trevor G
yes it helps build and restore muscle. and if u workout u should take or eat some before and after working out


Anton H
ya but it is also bad fro you helth to eat a protene as the strand can sometime brake but if u eat a helthy diet and exsersize alot it will do you good also try a lot of lifting

Josho W
yes protein can help you stronger, but it wont work by itself. you have to exercise your mussels and stay healthy.

Doesn't building muscles mean "making stronger"? DUUH

First of all, if you don't work out consuming protein is not going to make you stronger. It is merely supplemental to your work outs. It consists of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

yes it can but not to much or u get chubby

protien makes everything in your body not just mussle
your eyes are made of protien
protien only makes mussle when you work out

Yes, after workouts your body needs protein to repair the muscles and make additional muscle mass.

shizbomb WMD
This is the way you have to look at it.

you work out and create tiny tears in your muscles when your muscles repair themselves they use protein and other nutrients, once the muscle is repaired you can lift more thus making you stronger....but if your just intaking a lot of protein and not working out then you'll probably just get fat.

No. There is no benefit in eating more than you need. The road to increased strength is through exercise.

Your body can only use so much protein-period. Sure, the amount needed may vary from person to person. But most of these high protein plans are just a way to sell things. The downfall of eating excess protein is that your organs have to work to digest it. Excessive protein can cause health problems later in life, as can a deficiency. You want to aim for an appropriate amount and a healthy diet overall. Your muscle will come from weight and resistance training. Case in point: I could sit on the couch all day drinking protein shakes. It aint gonna make me buff-fat probably.

Love King
It doesn't matter what you eat. It's what you do. Lift weights, exercise and you will become stronger. You don't even have to diet, just eat what you want. The key is exercise.

to a point, what helps most is exercise and diet... keeping your muscle fit


Strongest land animal in the world? Elephant.
Eats? Green stuff. No meat. No fish. No eggs.

Gorillas are pretty hefty things too. Thirty times as strong as a man (at only about three times the size). Almost NEVER eat meat; 95% of the diet is fruit and green stuff.

If you want to be stronger, just use your muscles to do what it is you want them to be stronger at. The more you use them the stronger they'll be. If you don't, they won't. Simple as that. Use it or lose it, as they say!! And don't worry. Bulking up is actually quite difficult and you have to work out in a very specific way to achieve it (it certainly won't happen by accident).

And by the way, I don't mean that greens and fruit don't contain protein. They do. More than enough. I was assuming you meant a concentrated source of protein - most people mean this and it simply isn't necessary or helpful.

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