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If it ...

 how to get rid of excess water in your body?

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Will using a rowing machine tone up my stomach muscles?
What muscles does a rowing machine exercise? I want to tone up my stomach, thighs and bum so is it worth buying a rowing machine?

a rowing machine mainly works your back and bicep muscles and only your stomach minimally. but does almost nothing for your thighs and bum.

if you want to tone up stomach, thighs and bum the best exercises to do would be squats, deadlifts and lunges. the best thing to work out your stomach is sit ups, as much people hate them they are still the best way to tone up your stomach.

your better of doing sit ups and the like for your stomach. However the rowing machine is great to shift some excess weight thanks to it being great for cardio exercises

Exercise science education doesn't seem to be very good these days; ROWING mainly uses the buttock (gluteus) and thigh (vasti, sometimes wrongly called 'quads').

(perhaps gbernal is thinking of a 'seated row' weight-training machine, which activates back & bicep)

The way in which you use the machine, will strongly influence its effect on your body. There are two types of rowing machine; one uses pistons or springs, and the other is rotary, using a fan or flywheel.

Some people lean back a lot when using the fan type. This activates abdominal muscles during the 'recovery' part of the stroke (the part where you move forward, not the time between sessions or sets, which can also be called 'recovery'). Because your feet are in stirrups, you spend half of your time on the machine, pulling your bodyweight towards the footrests. The further back you lean, the more abdominal action is involved in this part of the movement.

People usually adopt this posture while using the machine, because they already have strong abs. So the greatest training effect is most available to those who have the least need for it.

It's more difficult to lean back when using the piston or spring type of rower, so these will not usually train abdominals.

Because the impact on abdominal muscles varies so much, (according to individual habits of movement), a rowing machine is not normally thought of as a reliable way to train your 'core'.

I find that when I use the rowing machine at the gym I lean back slightly and towards the middle/end of my workout I can really feel it on my stomach so I do think personally that its effective but obviously combining with other exercises will produce even more visible results

rowing is a for cardio workout which leads to weight loss so all those areas would get smaller. if u do it right, you would be using muscles like you biceps, upper abs and front thighs so those muscles would definitely look tighter

charlie c
its the next best thing after swimming for a total body workout

It will definitely firm up thighs & bum.
For stomach it depends on technique - but adding sit-ups / crunches etc into your routine will help.
Rowing machines work legs, bum, shoulders, back and arms - but it is worth getting a good one. Any chance you could try a machine in a gym first to see if you like it before parting with cash?

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