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 How much candy, how many pies and cakes have you eaten so far this month?

 Do you like to go swimming in the winter time to keep fit and exercise?
What kind of exercise do you do to keep fit during the winter months when there is snow on the ground in the midwest and east coast?
Additional Details
((((ozzie)))) that sounds like ...

 Do you suffer from Anorexia and/or Bulimia ?
Thank Y...

What are the pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) of taking up yoga? What areas of the body are they most good for and what age range is it aimed for? What type of people/bodies?...

 how can i motivate myself to lose weight?
cant stop eating junk even though im putting on serious weight..wanna lose weight but just cant get ...

 How much treadmill do I need to do to lose weight?
I follow a healthy, low fat diet and have just begun to run on a treadmill at home. I typically run on the treadmill at 4-7mph for 45 minutes per session (I am a beginner). So far, I am not losing ...

 How do you resist giving in to food cravings?
Ok, so I'm not overweight, but I do want to shed a few pounds. By a few, I mean a lot. Anyway, I've noticed my problem is that if I have access to food, I brush aside all my dieting ...

 How can I beat my bad food habits?
Yahoo!7 Lifestyle's Wellbeing expert Sarah Brooks-Wilson share her tips on what to do to beat your junk food cravings in her weekly blog - http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/b/lifestylechannels/3987/...

 Do I have a problem?
Okay well I only eat one meal a day. I'm a sophomore in High School and I skip breakfast and lunch. It's not forced, I just don't get hungry until the afternoon. It's really weird....

 100 calories a day....now at 154 pounds.....what to get to 110...how long?
im at 153 pounds
i what to be at 110 pounds
im now taking 1000 calories a day,
how long will it take for me to be at my desired weight?

oh yeh im doing about 1h30m of ...

 Is it okay to go jogging after you've had a couple glasses of wine?

 How do I get??
Just wondering how to get a bit more toned stomach, im not looking to be super thin or get washboard abs just a bit more toned.

Oh and ive heard situps don't work?...

 How Much Water Is It Safe To Drink Per Day...?
I normally get through about 3 ltrs of water per day whilst in work and was wondering there are any guidelines on the minimum and maximum amounts of water I should be drinking on a daily basis? T...

 POLL: What is the best way to give up smoking ???
Thank you....

 what are the affects of turning Bulimic?
I am really over weight, and i want to loose weight, and i can not seem to find a good way to do it, so i was thinking that maybe i could just exersize and throw up. So can someone please help me.

 What is your favorite Healthy smootie for working out and staying healthy?
Mine is this...

I use only frozen fruit because of where I live.
16-18 oz glass
5 cubes of pineapple
3 slices of peaches
5 strawberries
fill the rest with ...

 if anyone is wanting to lose weight?
send me a message to odela1950@yahoo.com will send you a diet program and its not hard but you have to keep it 14 day program ,then if you have lost what you want quit or go on to even beter weight ...

 if 4 out 5 people suffer from diarreah?
does that mean the 5th one enjoys it?...

 Megadoses of vitamin D: What is the story?
My Doctor prescribed 50,000 units of vitamin D per week. (Yes, 50,000 units)...

 I'm 13 and i'm trying to lose 20 ponds in around 3 weeks..what is a quick way to lose weight...?
I've always been over weight and when i come back to school i don't want to be called "fat" anymore....HELP!...

Why has my appetite increased?
I'm not pregnant or female (lol).
I'm not high, either! (kinda wish I was).
Not taking any 'scrips and my workload has not increased.

my appetite randomly increases and decreases too!
but generally before my period i have no appetie and after i want to eat everything. so maybe its just horomonesss

Are you using artifical sugar or anything that has phenananyline or something like that in it. Are you eating, drinking, doing anything differen? Are you hungering or thirsting for anything?...I was in a spiritual group where a new women said she noticed she was starving for wisdom & she was slim but claimed she was physically hungry....I do work with affirmations & if you know what that is about I suggest you say "I am fulfilled".

could it be that your body is reacting to the stress-event of daylight-savings time "clock-change" ?

disruption in circadian rhythms => weird consciousness
"weird-consciousness" => eat more to insure life in hard times

(the body's got to do SOMEthing to react to enviromental change, and the default defense-mechanism ensues)

Like any animal my dear Rez, you are experiencing the true nature of how the body desires to protect itself from the cold during the winter and old man winter is still around.

Don't worry, summer will be here soon and your appetite will decrease.


Just Be
How is your mood? Some people will over eat when depressed or under stress & others lose their appetite. Also, any increase in activity can spark the appetite. Lack of enough sleep & chronic fatigue can make the body think it needs fuel. When I worked the night shift I was always sleep deprived. I noticed my appetite went up, my body feeling tired try to compensate by adding more fuel. It also could be that your body is low on a particular vitamin or mineral & is attempting to fill the need.

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